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About Felicity

About Felicity

 Felicity's Bliss is a story about how to find heaven right here on earth.
While I was going through a spiritual awakening in my mid-thirties I created a superhero alter-ego to represent the best version of myself and named her after my favorite word, Felicity.
Felicity means intense happiness, but it also means the ability to find appropriate expression for ones thoughts.  Since reality IS an expression of our thoughts, when we find a way to express ourselves that satisfies us, we experience intense happiness.  This is bliss and we find it through our intuition.
Labradorite is the signature of my brand because it is the stone of intuition, transformation and consciousness.
My message to all women is that "it's super natural to be supernatural" and I believe they have it in them to create heaven, too.
Please follow my story as it continues to evolve.  I hope that my soft feminine styles will please fellow intuitive women who believe in beauty, truth, goodness, and love.