Starseed Collection Labradorite; Heart

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Felicity's Bliss

This labradorite necklace is a natural heart shaped pendant from the Starseed Collection.  I offer the exact same item with a pear shaped stone, so I need the exact same listing that points out the subtle difference in the two types of stones.

 Starseeds are spiritually gifted people who are born with souls that did not originate on this planet.

They volunteered to come to Earth on a divine mission to be of service to others and help guide humanity through the ascension process.

Most Starseeds have forgotten who they are until they are tugged by an inner knowing or experience a spiritual awakening.

For Starseeds to fully actuality their purpose, they must put their trust in God while He is preparing them for their destiny.

This necklace is designed to be worn every day as a reminder to trust that process.

*The necklace comes with a choice of Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver with Gold-Filled accents and components.

Please note that Labradorite is a rough gemstone that is known for it’s Labradoressence and has a wide range of color and compositions.  It can be grey, green, light and dark blue or even flash an iridescent rainbow.


  • Labradorite 
  • 18kt Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver
  • Length; 15-17 inches

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Starseed Collection Labradorite; Heart