Long Sacred Geometry Wire Wrapped Labradorite Pendant

Long Sacred Geometry Wire Wrapped Labradorite Pendant

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Felicity's Bliss

You will love the minimalist detail added to this Supernatural labradorite pendant. It’s a new style that I am working with and I think it looks really beautiful.

This necklace is 16-18 inches long and uses both Sterling Silver and Gold Filled chain.

The doubled chains on this necklace create an effortless but intentionally laid-back minimalist style that makes it look like you tried to look good, without trying too hard. Yes it’s silver and gold and Yes the chains can be twisted and Yes, it’s a simple style and Yes it’s also different and that is exactly what we like about it.

The sacred geometric symbol of a rhombus or kite represents the inner focus that a human being needs to hold onto his life task during his life time on Earth. That task was and remains to this very day to reinstall balance within self between the Yin and Yang energy aspects that make up every human being and to reflect that inner balance into the outer world.



Each piece of Felicity is designed and created by hand at my home studio in San Diego, California.

Labradorite is the signature of Felicity as the stone of consciousness, intuition and spiritual transformation. Historically, those who used this stone had a range of abilities that were considered almost magical, such as mystics and healers. Today, it is believed to enhance spiritual abilities and increase serendipitous events. Wear this stone as a reminder that it’s super natural for YOU to be supernatural...not for a stone. We attach meaning to objects and that’s what gives them their power.

Felicity is both the experience of and the source of intense happiness. It’s the ability to find an appropriate style of expression for one’s thoughts. Since life itself is an expression of our thoughts, when we find Felicity, we find Heaven on Earth. Felicity’s Bliss.


  • Labradorite
  • Sterling Silver & 18kt Gold Filled
  • 16-18 inches

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Long Sacred Geometry Wire Wrapped Labradorite Pendant