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The Sequence


18" Diamond Cut Curb Chain Gold Plated

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In a world that has become more impersonal and out of touch than ever, Felicity's Bliss holds the vigil for what it means to be real. Our vision of Heaven is right here on Earth, in a world where beauty is defined by wisdom, creativity, laughter & time.


Due to the timely nature of handmade jewelry and natural gemstones, I am not able to accept returns. I want your piece to make you feel as happy as I feel in creating it for you, so please know, I will do whatever I can to make sure you are perfectly satisfied. I am happy to customize a piece or connect with you virtual to select your specific piece or stone. so I can be confident I am sending off a piece that will fill you with joy and not disappointment. In the event that your item needs sizing adjustments or a repair, I am happy to accommodate your request. Felicity's Bliss is my heart's creation that is meant to make you feel happy! If you are hesitant, please contact me before placing an order. I would love to connect you with and get to know you! Your story and your name matter. You are somebody! I would really love to to know you.


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18" Diamond Cut Curb Chain Gold Plated

Felicity's loves telling a good story. In fact, her life motto has been "Do it for the story!" That's why each piece from her collection comes with a story. A piece of her soul is poured into every design which is why her jewelry is meant to inspire a shift in consciousness. May all women awaken to their authenticity and shine more light on the universe from within.