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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Do I need a Spiritual Coach? 

I get this question a lot and my response usually goes something like this, "Do you need someone to help you put sunscreen on your back?"  I know, that's a wierd thing to say, but the fact is, sometimes you need help getting to the places that are hard to reach on your own.   

If any of the following sound like you, then Spiritual Coaching is something that can help you...

 - You are going through a transformation or transition, also known as a Spiritual Awakening and you are looking for guidance.
- You feel this inner calling to make important contributions to the world and want to make money doing something meaningful and that you love.
- You want to develop your intuition to become more clear on decisions you make in your life and to manifest your desires consistently.
- You are ready to accept your true self and start living your life more authentically.
- You are looking for the people that get you and accept you.  You are craving a spiritual tribe.

If you have had these thoughts, even once, then you came to the right place!  You are supposed to have those feelings and those feelings are supposed to initiate a process of personal growth.

You CAN gain a deeper understanding of your authentic self and life purpose.
You CAN be happier, more confident, and fulfilled.


This is how we were formed.  The student/mentor relationship.  If you aren't actively engaged in that pursuit, you're probably bored, which is why you have this lingering desire for something more.


What is the purpose of Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual Coaching is meant to help you identify and achieve any personal goals you might have.  This could be in career, personal development, mental health, relationships, etc. 

What does a Spiritual Coach do?

A Spiritual Coach is someone who helps you connect to who you truly are. They work with you to navigate your life, uncover your desires, reject limiting beliefs, bust up roadblocks and take steps towards your goals so you can ultimately achieve your dreams.
Spiritual Coaches are the most badass Life Coaches there are.  They are like Special Agents and their mission is to uncover your soul.  They help you connect to your true self by improving the connection you have to your inner guidance system. 



I like to call this your moral compass, but there are a lot of other words to describe this such as your conscience, intuition, spirit guide, inner voice, holy spirit and things like that.  The moral compass is whatever you used to guide your decisions in life.  The fact is, Spiritual Coaches are the people you trust to protect you, while you navigate the depths of your soul, which is intense.  Think of it like if you are sky diving, or scuba diving or shoot, I don't know, climbing Everest!  I have never done any of these things, but I have to imagine that a large amount of trust goes into the guidance of the experts. 
Spiritual Coaches are experts at navigating the terrain of the spiritual wrelm of your soul known as the subconscious.  They go deep down below the surface and help you explore your inner world looking for truth.
This type of coaching is different because it takes on a more holistic approach and accounts for the body, mind and spirit connection.  It comes with the understanding that one aspect of life might be influencing another, so addressing areas like personal relationships or career can have a positive impact on your health, or vice versa. 


Spiritual Coaches are uniquely gifted at identifying what needs to be addressed first, to recieve the result or achieve the goal that is desired.
Basically, a good Spiritual Coach will help you discover your true authentic self by improving the connection you have to your inner guidance system that is accessed through your intuition.  Spiritual beliefs and spiritual journeys are very personal, so Spiritual Coaches help you apply those beliefs in confidence as a guidance to making decisions.


Okay, but what exactly are they going to help me with?


Well, for one, a Spiritual Coach will help you understand the laws of the Universe.  We all learned in school that an apple is a fruit.  But, what is it about this law that makes it so that a potato is not a fruit?   It's important to know, right?  The same goes for the laws of the Universe. 
Sure, it's cool to manifest and write down our affirmations and send out those vibrations...but what if what you give back is not quite what you wanted!  It's like, "ahh, Universe?? I didn't mean like this!!"
For example, one time I wanted to buy a Land Rover LR3.  It was used, but I wanted one and my friend's thought I was crazy.  In the back of my mind, I knew it would be fine because the universe takes good care of me.  Plus, I knew I how much I loved it and I knew that I wanted it because it would bring me joy, space and light to my kids.  It wasn't a status thing, I just really wanted something that was comfortable, that I liked visualy and that could fit our bikes, beach gear, furniture..whatever I had to lug around as a single mother.


My friends had me doubting the decision to bring this car into my life, so it planted this doubt in my mind.  I ended up manifesting it and I was so happy!  But 12 hours later, it completely broke down.  Like, it overheated and there was bubbling all over the place and you know what my first thought was, "I can NOT tell ANYBODY that this just happened!" 


That's what I thought!
I panicked for sure and plotted ways to get it accidentally stolen, but the universe stepped in and as it turned out.

I didn't actually own the car yet.  So, the owner had to pay for the 3,000 dollars in repairs and it all worked out even better than before!

I ended up paying the same price, but with major repairs done to ensure I wouldn't have any surprises pop up soon.  It was perfect.

It was like the Universe was teaching me a lesson to trust myself and trust in it. 


No doubting!!
So that's what I mean.

 Energy flows where attention goes, so many of us fail when we haven't shed the whole process of doubt.  If we focus on the worst case scenario, we might still get our desire, just not exactly in the way that we wanted.   

Coaches help you learn to indentify these blocks and work through them.  Over time, you get better at manifesting and the tap into the divine magic just flows and flows and flows.