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Your Flesh Lies: Mind over Matter is Key

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Your Flesh Lies: Mind over Matter is Key

One of the biggest mistakes made by humans is to confuse the Spirit with the Soul.


We tend to see the Body, Mind & Soul as a trinity, but this is a misconception because the Mind and the Soul are the same


This model lacks the Spirit.

This is where the darkness enters the world of Spirituality and Mindfulness; when Words are used interchangeably to remove the key ingredient of all....

...the Spirit of GodThe deception lies there.  Right in plain sight.  It's just not something you would notice, unless you were paying attention or actively seeking truth.


The Spirit and the Soul are separate Organs.


 Your Body is your Flesh Body and it is formed by God with the ingredients of the World.  Lower Animals are flesh only and primal.
Your Spirit is the Spirit of Life and it is God Given when life has been conceived.  It is our Consciousness. Higher Level Humans called Angels are Spirit only.


Your Soul is the Living Combination of the Flesh and the Spirit.  It is your Personality.  It is flesh AND spirit combined to produce a home to express a living soul.


The moment we are born into the Flesh, the World starts conditioning us and your Flesh is a liar.


Your Flesh wants to Control You.


Most Human Behavior are conditioned responses...let's call it "Programming," much of which is Unconscious or Subconscious.  Hidden in our primal urges that trigger the Reward System in our Nucleus Accumbens...this includes LOVE.

When you LOVE another Human, it is an "attachment" or "addiction."

In College I did a Literature Review on studies of the Bonding Behaviors of Prairie and Montane Voles.

What I gleaned from the combination of studies revealed is that the Prairie Voles had MORE Oxytocin and Vasopressin Receptors in their Brain, so when they Mated with another Vole, it was MORE REWARDING for them and they became Addicted to that Vole, essentially and they Bonded for Life.

The Montane Voles had LESS Vasopressin and Oxytocin Receptors and thus, LESS Reward for Mating, so they did NOT develop a strong attachment Bond and thus DID NOT mate for Life.

Same type of animal.  Slight variation in the Species.

This means, it MIGHT BE POSSIBLE that if a HUMAN has less Vasopressin Receptors they will be more likely to be Non-Monogamous. 


(Read that as *more like to be cheaters or never marry*)


Now, that does not automatically determine that a person WILL be a cheater because they can simply choose to willfully transcend their Body and Biological Programming (DNA) and use their Personality and Executive Functioning to make a decision to Bond for Life and resist the Physical Urges of the Flesh, but that is a Personal Moral Decision one makes when exercising their Free Will.


When you consider all of the temptations in the World operating to get us Addicted to Positive Rewards, you can understand the effect this will have on Biology.
Think of the Physical Activations of Sexual Imagery and other things people use to activate their pleasures and hit up the Reward System...over time they build up a tolerance..and it takes more to get the same reward.


If you begin to fall asleep to this and lose your consciousness, your Reward System takes over your Self Control and you become programmed.

This exists in all areas of life but given the day, I thought speaking to Love and Monogamy was relevant to the day.



As a Spiritual Embodiment, you have to think of your Flesh as wanting to Control you and YOU needed to gain control over your Flesh.

Mind over Matter.


This is wisdom everyone should focus on Daily...because it is the Truth..
So often we allow our BODY to get us ADDICTED to the FEELINGS of the World.
We become Addicted to the World.
Addicted to our Culture.


Addicted to our Lives.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the physical pleasures of the World, but when they become a problem is when we lose sight of their influence on our behavior.  Then, it becomes unconscious or an addiction and that is when we "fall asleep."


When you hear people talking about WAKING UP, it is talking about returning to Conscious Awareness of the World and the Influence it has on the Body and the Self/Soul/Personality/Behavior (whatever word you want to use for this).


The World is trying to Program your Body to act against your Soul and Mute the Spirit from acting on the Soul.


(Christians know what I'm talking about...it's Super Truth, baby).


Now, HOW do we Transcend the Body to control it?  Or, where do we muster the WILL to be aware and use Self Control over the Urges of our Body?

That comes from the SPIRIT of God that breathed Consciousness into us.
God gives us Free Will to act in HIS Will or the World's Will.


You get to pick...but you'll begin to take notice people who operate in God's Will verses the Will of the World.


Once you begin studying this; The Divide becomes Crystal Clear.



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