What is a Spiritual Coach?

There is no judgement here! I don’t know anyone who grows up saying, “when I’m a grow up, I want to be a SPIRITUAL COACH!”

We have people that are called to teaching, counseling, social work, therapy and many other professions that dedicate themselves to bettering the human condition...but, a spiritual coach is a calling that comes through experience.

Through resilience and triumph over adversity.

I once had a wonderful therapist who looked at me and asked, “why do you think you had to go through all of these difficult things and why do you think you are still so positive and idealistic?”

And I said, “well, I think I went through all this because I can handle it. You can’t really help the ones who need the most help, without having the experience to back it up. I have had countless therapists who did their best. They followed the rules, they used their training...but I had a psych degree and I was too aware....I couldn’t trust them, because I knew I knew more than them. I was deeper than them, on a soul level and there is no amount of training as a counselor who can meet a person at the level of their soul. I know there are other people out there who feel like that and I want to help them get through to the other side.”

She loved this and what she told me I will forever hold in my heart.

I told her I felt like I was at this epic climax of my story...will it be success or failure? And she said, “did you ever consider that you might be right in front of your happily ever after?” I tend to paint a picture and tell a story as though it’s a life mapped on a story arc. I see the world in that way. Everyone is a character, each having an important role building towards the overall message and she made me feel like this was beautiful and not strange.

I said to her, “Umm, no. I honestly never considered that.” She said, “I think you have been through enough. I want you to go home and write the end of your story. What is your happily ever after, that starts now?”

In all honesty, I never did this exercise and I know that I should...and I will. I thought about it, but I never put it into written words which breaths power into the vision...so maybe I should.

I just loved her approach.

There is not a doubt in my mind that there aren’t a lot of other people in this same place...who never had permission to start writing the end of their story.

I want to give you that permission. I want to help you revise your story and yourself to be the best version of you. We are sort of ALL at this strange climax...so, what’s our vision for the future? Let me help you. Let’s heed the moment. Never had their been a time more open to “stranger things have happened...” so capitalize on that!

What do you REALLY want??

That’s what I see as a spiritual coach. I’m not here to tell you what to believe. I’m hear you help you figure it out...whatever truth means for you.

This is not a selfish thing. This is a brilliant thing, because what happens is, when your heart is happy, it vibrates out and makes other hearts feel happy and little by little by little, the world mysteriously becomes a happier place...and only people like us know the secret...😉


The brave ones know what to do...they always do and it’s almost always never popular.