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What in the WORLD is a "Starseed?"

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
What in the WORLD is a

What on Earth is a Starseed?

"Starseed" is basically the current label being used for a Spiritually Gifted person. To be Spiritually Gifted means you are a more highly evolved type of human being in regards to how the function of your nervous system. 

The Akashic Records is all the wordless though records from the beyond that is accessed through our intuitive channel and then translated by a person with highly developed spiritual gifts.  These people are known to us as clairvoyants or "psychics" who have been able to share with us the truth that Starseeds are the evidence for the existence of more advanced spiritual beings.  Starseeds are the bridge between our World and the Beyond. Their souls are outer space, their body's in our word.  The energy of their spirit is not sourced from an earthly origin... in fact, neither is yours. You just might not know it, yet.

What's their purpose?

Starseeds travel through the universe to incarnate on earth with a mission to heal and inspire human beings to actively participate in the evolution of the planet.  Life, after all, is a school for the evolution of one's consciousness, or the evolution of one's soul.

In some ways, Starseeds are like teachers who encourage the student's of life to become more engaged in their education, take it seriously and work hard to radiate the pure essence of all love, because the future of the world depends on us.

How do they get here?

The incarnation of a starseed can happen in utero, or it can happen at any time in life, when the soul within a physical body dies, but the body remains alive and leaves a vessel open to be incarnated by a Starseed soul. This is called a spiritual awakening and it is a birth that a soul has to labor through, like a real physical birth.  It's like a person's soul is a part of their Nervous System, so when their Nervous System dies, it starts to breakdown and liquify, then reform into something new. This sets up the network for a more advance soul to advance into. This how you can see the literal birth, death and transformation of Living Souls.

Life is a school for the Evolution of Souls and if you're not here trying to improve yourself, serve others or heal the world? What exactly are you doing other than hoard and consume? We're all a team here, it's time to wake up.

Do you think you are a Starseed? If you are, let me know.

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