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What in the WORLD is a "Starseed?"

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
What in the WORLD is a

Starseed is basically the word for a more highly evolved type of human being.  The Akashic Records is all the wordless knowledge from the beyond that can only be accessed by the intuition and then translated by a person with highly developed spiritual gifts.  These people are known to us as clairvoyants or "channelers" who have been able to share with us the truth that starseeds are a more advanced spiritual being.  This just means their souls are outer worldly.  The energy of their spirit did not come from an earthly origin.

Basically, a starseed is a soul traveling through the universe that incarnates on earth with a mission to heal and inspire human beings to actively participate in the evolution of the planet.  Life, after all, is a school for the evolution of one's consciousness, or the evolution of one's soul.

In some ways, Starseeds are like teachers who encourage  the student's of life to become more engaged in their education, take it seriously and work hard to continue to learn, grow, reflect, evolve and become lighter and happier beings, that radiate the pure essence of all love.

The incarnation of a starseed can happen in utero, or it can happen at any time in life, when the soul within a physical body dies, but the body remains alive and leaves a vessel open to be incarnated by a Starseed soul. 
This is how you could interpret Felicity a little bit and how her story is about an ego identity that drowns and is reborn as a superhero, who's seen the light and knows the truth...Caitlin's body was still living, but she was someone different now, she changed on a spiritual level. 
This is called a spiritual awakening and it is a birth that a soul has to labor through, like a real physical birth.  In fact, most people who have been following my story have been witness to this labor...it's not always pretty, it's often long, but if you can see the symbolism and trust that I was doing it out in the open on purpose, bravely and vulnerabley, then you might truly start to understand.  For some reason, I decided to present this all, against all expected norms, to almost ensure there was evidence to the truth of how a soul actually evolves.

I had been trying so hard to make reason and sense of all these experiences, both long ago, but even more so now.  Many things in my life were beyond coincidence and not typical and I just needed to understand the why and the how?

I don't know if I am a starseed and this was my mission to come and teach, or if I was inspired by starseeds around me, to constantly pursue growth and make sure to never give up on that quest.  These are questions I will have to answer as time goes on, but if you think you might be a starseed, or have been inspired by other Starseeds in your own life, tell me your story.  I am interested to know.

This kind of sharing is personal, but interesting.  Felicity loves nothing more than get to know those inner worlds of those brave enough to let others in.

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