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Were Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ Twin Flames?

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Were Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ Twin Flames?
The story of Creation and God’s plan to save the world is the Love story between the Wisdom of the Universe and her King.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ are the most advanced minds in the universe.   They have been writing the stories and closing the books, since the beginning of time.
I can't decide whether I think God planned for the era of the Bible to be founded upon Christians misunderstanding the story that they were trying to tell, or if it was planned to carry the narrative along in this way.  Either way, it appears that something got lost in translation and Mary Magdalene assumed a degraded role in the story of Jesus and was used as a way to exemplify how forgiving He was, because she was so plagued by demons.
I could see how this were planned as an important catalyst to drive the plot because it creates the inciting incident as an imbalance when the Divine Feminine was displaced from her Divine Masculine counterpart.  This separation of the story has impacted the reality of the entire world, ever since.
The truth is that the Magdalene Goddess has been living here in secret, evading the dark forces that have been trying to destroy any evidence that a Holy Grail and Bloodline that proves Christ does exist.  
We do have to remember that there was an enemy at the time...and if there was an enemy of Christ way back then, why would that same enemy just suddenly disappear?  
It’s been operating this whole time.
She is the mother goddess energy and her spirit not only created matter, but lived in it to show us that we are not alone in our suffering, this whole time.  
She faced the suffrage, too.  Her faithful devotion to the Lord exemplifies a depth of love that is almost too pure to comprehend by any mortal.   Jesus Christ was not only her personal savior, but the savior of the entire world.  Her spirit too had existed in everything, ever since the beginning of time, but hidden in the form.
She was head over heals in love with Jesus.  Any woman in her right mind would be in love with him, especially if he was able to heal her and tame her wild ways.  She was a wild woman.
He’s the greatest man of all time...and he loves everyone, but he loves Mary the most.
Everything he has ever done, he’s done in the delight of her.


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