Do Quirky Girls Rule the World?

Do Quirky Girls Rule the World?

No, but I think Mystics do and they're pretty quirky!

If you have ever wondered if you were a Mystic chances are you’re not.  I know....*WHOMP Whomp*
Buzz kill.


 I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!  When I first read that line, it kinda hit me, so I was going for the same effect.  I think the point that it's trying to make is that being a Mystic it isn't something you decide to practice or come to believe in.


It's just what you are.


If you're a Mystic you were born with innate knowledge of spiritual truths and an almost insatiable curiosity of experiencing a reality that exists beyond and before any words..
...which is not a normal thing.  
Their reality transcends every dimension, all at once and not very many people understand what that feels that which makes it difficult for them to feel understood on a deep, soulful level.  This can be very lonely, so they get some quirks.  It's literally impossible to describe the experience of their inner knowing by using words, because its infinite wordlessness.  All they can really do is describe what it isn't, which tends to be everything that you can perceive in physical, they're not besties with the scientific method, we'll just say that. 
They respect science!  But, they demand more from it.


These days, you might be hearing this term 'Starseed' bopping around, which is a way to describe Mysticalness.  It’s not new or anything, but it's becoming more popular.  I actually thought my grandmother made it up at first because she went around telling everyone that she was a Star Child for years.   It was really cute because she was so proud of it and now I'm doing it and it's less cute, but still, it must something in the genes, none the less.  All I know is that we are not from this world and I can't tell you how nice it feels to be able to recognize ourselves for what we are.

Another good term for the wordless experiencers is Alien.  I like it a lot because I don't have to take responsibility for the mistakes we make as humans, since I've been trying to prevent these mistakes and nobody listens to me.  I can just say,

  "Don't look at me...I had nothing to do with this!  I don't even know what I'm doing here.  I thought I lived in the stars and now I'm stuck in this nightmare with all you people who think I'm weird." 


As a Quirky Mystical Alien Starseed, I stopped trying to reason with people or try to be understood because I wasn't getting anywhere with anyone and it was causing problems for me.  I figured, "You know what?  Screw it. I'm done trying to help these people.  I'm just going to blend myself back into this nonsense and be quirky."

Now I just tell people that I'm an alien and say whatever comes to mind because the fact is, I already know that I’m weird, so it doesn't really matter what anybody thinks about me anyway.

There is no convincing necessary.

 Besides, I'm nice and people don't being told that they're wrong and since I think being mystical implies that I can never be wrong as evidenced by the very definition of what being mystical is.  

I can just say something and tell people I asked God directly and they can’t really argue with me because then I can just pull up the definition of being mystic. 
“Are you Mystic?
Did you ask God?
I did. He said yes. Case Closed.”


What are Mystics supposed to do when we understand something to be true and then we try to share this with people we love and they're like, "PROVE IT!"
It's like, we can't prove it, that's the whole point of a Mystic, so if you don't mind, could cut us some slack please and just trust us?  
Our hearts talk to other hearts without words and we understand what they are saying...but you don't believe us.


So, I guess just trust me.  It's not easy being a Mystic here.  We live in a big ole paradox, tumbling through layer after layer of riddles and words and consciousness all while wrestling with the experience of being all the things and no things, at the exact same time.  


The peripheral awareness of this sense of obscurity never really goes away.
We just keep walking around with an innate understanding of the time space continuum, but we can't figure out how to explain it because we're confused by the fact that we have absolutely no idea what the heck's going on.


Think about what I just said for a second.


Meanwhile, the whole world tells us we should be experiencing things differently by focusing on the here and now..and we're just like, but........whatever.
You don't understand us.
We experience everything, which is how we know we don't know anything, even though we *think* everything about reality is wrong. 
(I don't even know if that makes sense, but it's probably a poem.)


One of us rules the world; but we have absolutely no way to convince you who it is, unless you learn to speak the figurative language of the universe, too.


But, maybe we can convince you of this...


Everybody loves a good quirky girl, even if she doesn't rule the world.