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Socially Unconventional Truth Powder & Inappropriate Secrets of the Socially Awkward

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Socially Unconventional Truth Powder & Inappropriate Secrets of the Socially Awkward

You want to know something?  


It doesn't matter.  I'm going to tell you anyway, because that's how I operate.


I only said that as an introduction to my next statement because I am a rude and inconsiderate person who has been forced against her will to exist in a polite world.  How unfair is THAT?!

I've been allowed to get away with my behavior because most people conform to behavioral norms like we are supposed to as a socially dependent species and they just think I'm weird and ignore me. OR they are kind hearted enough to give me a free pass for being weird and even find my social awkwardness a little endearing, because it's funny.


A third thing is that some just completely hate me for my behavior, but I tend to find that intriguing about something going on inside them, as opposed to an indication that I might have some sort of malignant character flaw I should attend to.

This is why, "You want to know something" is really a preface for me to dust you with a little Socially Unconventional Truth Powder, without permission.  It's not dangerous or anything, it's just an extremely rare consciousness expander that is manufactured by a small group of elites known as the Social Isolationists and is not really a product that is in high demand amongst the general population, unfortunately, so I just give it away.


 Chances are if you're reading this, you've probably already been exposed to some brand of Socially Unconventional Truth Powder before, so you might be familiar with the Social Isolationists, too.  These people are a rare breed of human and they're considered 'Conscious Sociopaths' (which doesn't seem like a real thing, but it is).


By definition, a "Conscious Sociopath" is a person who has extreme anti-social attitudes and yet has an advanced awareness of self and a highly developed moral conscience.  They are the adepts to an unconventional type of wisdom found in the 'Inappropriate Secrets of the Socially Awkward' intuitive and observational texts.  Social Isolationist is the preferred term for a Conscious Sociopath because it carries less stigma, but, ultimately they are used interchangeably because they mean exactly the same thing.


Social Isolationists are Mystics or former Empaths who have given up on trying to exist in society because their emotional eco-system has become so fragile that their life can no longer sustain itself within the toxic emotional climate of the world. 


They become forced to act according to their own self will to reduce the likelihood of their brain detonating like a nuclear bomb that ends history.  To avoid this catastrophe, they dissociate from their natural habitat completely and isolate themselves as an endangered species on the brink of extinction, in the name of saving all humanity.  

You're welcome.


As Conscious Sociopaths they're been born into a world that was not built on a sustainable model for them because their cognitive rainforest is fragile and at risk of being exploited for its exotic resources, leading to the depletion of all energy systems and eventual destruction. 
You will notice that these people are often targeted by narcissists who capture them in a web of manipulation and control or they become indoctrinated to a communist authoritarian regime of self dictatorship.  
Social Isolationists are unconditionally loving by nature, so they are very susceptible to this type of abuse.
Over time, they have evolved to respond to threats of safety with an emotional reaction that triggers their nervous to respond in one of two ways. 


Fight or Flight. 


Emotionally sensitive and non-confrontational by nature, these delicate souls banish themselves to a shelter found inside their imagination where they build a mental chrysalis and await their transformation into a new breed of human, the completion of the 5D global ascension process, or both (while documenting their observations in the process, because it's a strange experience and they have nobody to talk to). 


This is where the term Social Isolationists as the Authors of Truth comes from and you can easily spot them because they are the socially awkward neurotic runaways who appear to present mental health problems.


I mean artists.


I mean free spirits.


I mean, nevermind.  They're Conscious Sociopaths, let's just leave it at that.   


Now, considering what's happening at this time, it seems fairly obvious that we are in the middle of some sort of massive paradigm shift within humanity.  Some even might go so far as suggesting that we are experiencing a quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness.   
Others might call it a popular Pivot.


The particular label given to this global climax event is less important than the behavioral responses of recently awakened conscious people who not are exactly sociopaths, yet are starting to freak out a little and are tempted to head for the hills.  This is the reason why the business market for  Personal Development and Transformation has exploded and the market for Socially Unconventional Truth Powder has opened right up. 


The problem for the Social Isolationists is that they are the catalysts that hold the signs directing the operating system, so they can't really leave their post right now to distribute the powder because it's kind of a critical moment.   They've already advanced so much spiritually that if they so much as lift a finger off the ground they would probably astro-project right off the planet and if they take off, the system turns off
If they go down, the system goes down. 
They’re just trying to hold things together as the power source of the collective computer and it'd probably be nice if they got a thank you every once in a while, but the more important thing to know is that right now is not the best time for them to unplug and start moving around to distribute their Socially Unconventional Truth Powder to those finally open to receiving it.  That means, the Social Isolationists are going to have figure out how to get people to come looking for it themselves.


Now, I didn't want to say anything at first because I needed to build trust in our relationship but, I am a Social Isolationist and I produce Socially Unconventional Truth Powder if you know anybody that wants to try it.  I'm going to need your help distributing it because part of becoming a Social Isolationist is to speak your Socially Unconventional Truth and people who used to be your friends because you agreed with them on things have a really hard time with this unfiltered version of you, so a disconnect occurs.  

Trust me, we don't want to be this way.  It's not like we woke up one day and decided we wanted to alienate ourselves from all of our old friends, but we have to be the ones that disagree with nearly every popular opinion that has ever existed because that's what we were made to do!  It's why we got sent here and our job is kind of important, dare I say essential for life to exist.  It's hard, but we have to do what we do.  There has to be people brave enough to drive progress. 

Do I know why we got stuck with the crap ass job of being the collective rainforest, or the battery pack for human consciousness? 
No, but I think it's because we were bad in heaven, so we got sent to detention and then landed in solitary confinement to do the Earth’s dirty work.  Why else would we be forced to watch everyone in this hell hole argue about how to fix life and never accomplish anything? 
We keep trying to speak up, but nobody listens to us because we're just the Consciously Sociopathic awkward rebels and who've been getting on everyone's nerves trying to dust you with our Socially Unconventional Truth Powder and now that the world wants Truth, we can't spread it anymore.  So we need people like you, who've had a taste and understand what this truth so you can help us spread by word of mouth, as fast as we can.


Here's a little dusting just to give you an example.  If you like it, I'll tell you how to find more.


Micro-Dosing with Socially Unconventional Truth Powder 

Social Isolationist Masterclass

I mentioned before that Personal Development is all the rage, but what I didn't mention was there are two different styles of it, Self-Actualization and Entrepreneurship.  They both have similar characteristics but their objective is rooted differently, I suppose you could say.  One leads you on the path towards Socially Unconventional Truth Powder production and the other claims to lead you towards Financial Freedom and Generational Wealth (whether that’s true, I can’t be sure).  The Self Actualization route requires you to heal and activate every part of you until you awaken to the nature of your authentic self and it’s a lot like a spiral staircase, while the journey of an Entrepreneur requires you to structure and discipline yourself enough into becoming a muted version of your authentic self so you can achieve financial freedom and personal success.  It’s like a ladder.


Discipline.  Control.  Consistency.  Quiet.


Unfortunately, no such things exist in a Social Isolationist's vocabulary, because we tend to house a lot of energy and like to be free.  It would appear as though successful entrepreneurs are threatened by how much energy and freedom Self Actualizers possess, so it's suspicious that they would try to convince them to focus on being less.
If you ask me, the mindset of an Entrepreneur is from business people trying to stay on top of their game by minimizing or exploiting Self Actualizers and I think advertisers work for the devil, which is why I'm having such a hard time buying any of their off-brand Socially Appropriate Success Serum pitch. 


They are not Self-Actualizers.


Self Actualizers become the biggest version of their REAL self and blow up because of that.

They're Stars.
Real Stars.


Not synthetic stars that are carefully crafted in an entrepreneurial petri-dish with a business plan, friendship manual and box of incense.



The true self actualizers are the ones who are not muted or minimal or predictable at all, because they're just magic.
They're unstoppable because they are a cosmic event that was preordained in the blueprint of the universe and they were born not to climb, but to rise.


They’ve withstood the test of time. They are tried and they are true.  They would't be here if they hadn't arrived to be alive.
They know what they're up to.
Now, I say all of this perfectly aware that I am trying figure out how to make a living as an Entrepreneur of my own Self-Actualized brand, all the while forgetting that as a Conscious Sociopath, social networking is never going to work out for me...and it's kind of important.


That's why, as you can see I have to double down on my visions of Bohemia, where I can work by myself as a writer and call it a day.
I don't want to waste my time doing anything differently because I like who I am.  I don't want to minimize myself!  I'm a Social Isolationist because I don't like all the other stuff going on around me that tries to make me think I have to be that so bad? 
I thought personal freedom was detaching from the opinions and materials of the physical world!  Did I get the wrong lesson?  Because I'm pretty sure I aced the test and yet everyone else keeps acting like there's something wrong with being a Conscious Sociopath.  It doesn't make sense, which is why I think Entrepreneurs caused everyone else to be confused.


Why would we live in a Universe where we are supposed to unlock the mystery of our selves and then hold it captive and under control? 
What's the point?

If personal freedom means we're supposed to reach this point of nirvana where everything is still and silent and peaceful, then I'm not doing it.
I swear to God, there is nothing in the world that sounds more UNLIKE me than to be silent and peaceful and still.


That is the definition of hell.  I'm sorry.
In my mind, personal freedom is when you become all of yourself. Every bit of you gets big and your spirit bursts and you rain colorful glitter all over the sky, like a supernova exploded and you start to laugh.
That's my type of personal freedom, because it's light and it's loud and it's fun.


Plus, you get to do it as much you want, not just one moment in time, when suddenly you see the light and then you go back to living a normal life.

I Self Actualize in my personal freedom like ten times a day.  It's like this.  I'll get all worked up about something and then start to fly off the handle and a crowd will gather round and be like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, heads up everyone!  Caitlin's on a role right now and I think her spirit's about to blow up!" and then, "Kabloooww!"  Hilarious truth explosion and the whole world watches this star explode and they smile, shake their head and thinking, "Wow, what a lovable little train wreck that one is."


If I conform myself to social appropriateness and my life being well planned. I'll never develop enough mental frustration to produce the angst required to ignite this type of brilliant explosion.  

And that's what people don't understand about emotional intensity.  There is nothing wrong with being emotionally intense, as long as you understand how to use it for good. 
It’s about what you do with the switches and how you manage them.
 Something can make me completely furious for one second and it takes me absolutely no time to calm down.  Anger on, anger off.
That's how well programmed I am.


I decide what emotions I'm going to express, at what intensity.  Nobody's going to tell me what to feel!  


All these Buddhists make you sit in your suffering to weather through it and if you find a distraction to avoid feeling like crap, you get criticized for it.
How whack is that?

 I feel like sitting in your suffering until you reach enlightenment is a huge waste of time being alive. 
I like living and moving around. 
I have a problem with sitting still and I won't be a part of such nonsense!


I'll sit still and meditate when I'm dead. 


Why would I ever feel anger and then sit there spending time to try and convince myself how unangry I should be because "anger is damaging."
It's like..."What a stupid type of inner conversation."


"Caitlin, let go of the anger.  It does not serve you, it will eat you alive. It's not good for you."
"Yeah but, I'm angry and I understand that it does not serve me, but it would be better if I could go tell that person to fuck off so I could move on with my day.  I'd feel fine because I wouldn't feel angry anymore and I think they deserve it."
"But that just spreads more anger, let it go."
"You know what?  Fuck You inner self, how about that?  Does that work for you?  Can I tell mySELF to fuck off? Or is there something wrong with that type of emotional reaction that you think I need to go seek more spiritual healing for....because I'm kind of broke and I'm still the exact same person I was before, so I'm thinking at this point, I'm not the thing that's broken.
I think it's the philosophy about how to live, that's off the mark."

I mean, am I wrong about that?

We have emotions so we know what it feels like to be alive and I think it is dangerous for us to sit and mute ourselves in suffering, especially Conscious Sociopaths.
If you mute a Conscious Sociopath, that's how they turn in a Psychopath, so I think it might be a good idea for us to be monitored by the government and CELEBRATED for exploding ourselves....because that's how much power our emotional reactions have over the operating system of the world.


Imagine this like it's a weather reporter,
"Alright everyone, it appears Caitlin is getting a little frustrated with life again and she's not so angry that you should take shelter or leave town, but it looks like we might be approaching a hilarious fuck bomb at around 4:00 pm when she finds a note on her car from a weak human who felt compelled to complain about how she parked, scold her for it and then not have the balls to sign their name on the paper...Oh wait, hold on, she just got in her car and found it. The fuck bomb might happen sooner... She's looking at the note, she's reading it...she's trying to brush it off, but nope, now she just decided to deliberately park even further off the curb to show this guy whose boss...and 5...4..3..2..1... EYES ON THE SKY! FUCK BOMB!  She just exploded."



I just think it's a bad idea for Conscious Sociopaths to minimize themselves on account of other human beings and their social expectations because they might lose control of their switches and blow something up that's not themselves. 


Besides, everyone says that you don't have to make yourself small so that others can feel big, right?  But, what do you do when you're the energy system that runs the entire world? Everyone thinks you're trying to show off and it's like, "No, it's not my problem I'm smart and funny. I was born like this. Lighten up."


Trust me.  You can't minimize big people.  The world will end.
That's why, all the REAL Stars you see, up at the top of the world tend to jump off the deep end eventually.  All those synthetic entrepreneurs use and abuse them for profit and then demand they comply with the current behavioral expectations for public figures.  It's not someone's fault that they're a star and they don't have an escape hatch like the Social Isolationists, because they got caught up by these business people and now the whole world knows who they are and they're stuck up at the top or they fall.

Self Actualizers just are what they are and one way or another, they always become a Star.  That's why anyone on the path to Self Actualization and not Financial Freedom must avoid buying the Socially Acceptable Success Serum at all costs because it's a SCAM.


So, there you have it.  If you like this truth and want to help me distribute it, I'd love to work with you.  Otherwise, keep going and do it your way.


You'll figure out what really makes the world go round.
He knows what He's doing.
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