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The United States of Dysfunctional Families

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
The United States of Dysfunctional Families

Narcissistic Abuse, Exploitation, Gaslighting, Co-Dependency, Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Response in Liberal Democratic Family.

The World itself is a family, but let's break this down to just the United States for a moment.


I am going to simplify it and spell it out as best I can.


First, let me paint a picture for you.


Liberalism is the Cool Mom, like in that scene from Mean Girls who is basically handing out jello shots and condoms to her daughter and her friend's at their sleepover.


Conservativism is the Stoic Dad, like in John Mulanney's bit about the time his family went on a road trip and all the kids were annoying their father. 
Suddenly, they saw a McDonald's coming up and the kids started chanting,


"Mc-Donnnnald's!  Mc-Donnnnald's!  Mc-Donnnnald's!"


So, the dad pulled off the freeway and into the drive-thru of Mcdonald's and all the kids cheered, but then he ordered a single black coffee for himself and drove off to get back on the freeway.


Who's the better parent?  That depends on how you see life, but one is definitely a more hilarious character.  Both parents could probably improve the way they handle things, but the contrast between the two is clear and I think it’s pretty obvious that one is less bad than the other.


Right now, the United States is a pretty dysfunctional family and I think we need someone to come along and force us into a family intervention, so we can get
all of the issues out in the open.


Alright fine.  I’ll do it.

"Excuse me everyone!  Get in the living room, Right Now.
 All of you.  

 Yes, even you Libertarians, sit down and be quiet.  You didn't do anything, I know.  You're not in trouble.  Since you're the only ones making sense these days you have to be here to set a good example for the others, okay?"


This is what I think I see going on.
Liberal Democrats, you guys think that the Conservative Republican's hate for the government, is what is causing the conflict in our society and you think that they need to let go of their distrust and hate, so we can heal.  You think they are filled with anger and hate because they are opposed to your type of government, which you consider to be a government that is rooted in love.

what is actually going on, is that the Conservative Republicans oppose your type of government because that government is oppressing and brainwashing YOU, the Liberal Democrat brothers and sisters, whom they love.  Since Conservative Republicans LOVE their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters, they do NOT like the style of government that is controlling them.  In fact, the Conservative Republicans feel a little frustrated and hurt because they wish their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters would love their Conservative Republican brothers and sisters more than they love their type of government, because their type of government is convincing them to not love their Conservative Republican brothers and sisters. 


Liberal Democrats are frustrated with Conservative Republicans because Conservative Republicans don't love the democratic government.   Democratic Liberals think that by not loving the "Love" government implies that Conservative Republicans are hateful, closed-minded and divisive people. If you hate Love, you obviously Love hate.  However, this logic is dependent upon the "Love" government actually satisfying the conditions of the claim of being "Love".    Keep that idea in mind...

Conservative Republicans are frustrated with Liberals Democrats because Liberal Democrats think that the democratic government is the "Love" government, but they believe their actions do not reflect their word.   The democratic "Love" government has made Liberal Democrats hate Conservative Republicans because Conservative Republicans don't love the democratic government.  Conservative Republicans feel like their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters love the democratic government more than they love the Conservative Republicans as actual human beings.  To the Conservative Republicans, this feels hurtful and inhumane, especially since the Conservative Republicans genuinely do love their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters and want the best for them.


Conservative Republicans see that the type of "Love" government that their Liberal Democrats are loyal to is really the type of "Love" one learns from an unstable and abusive parent who is the Head of the Household growing up.
Conservative Republicans think Liberal Democrats are making decisions from their Pain Body because they are still stuck in a trauma cycle from being raised to think co-dependence was actually love.


Since, Conservative Republicans were never raised to be co-dependent or they were able to break through this dysfunctional pattern of trauma bonding they are able to see something as outsiders looking in, that their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters appear to be incapable of seeing, because they are still operating from a cycle of trauma responses.   Conservative Republicans are trying to bring this situation to light and help break the cycle for their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters, but they understand that people who need healing can't begin to heal unless they can admit that there is in fact a problem that they can't solve on their own and need outside help.  I am talking outside the democratic party system type of help.
What that means is, they can't help you, until you ask for help. They are not trying to be stubborn or divisive.  They just, literally, can't do anything until you are ready.


Conservative Republicans know that people are sometimes not aware that certain behaviors and thought patterns are a response to trauma.  Certain trauma feels normal to a person who doesn't know any differently because they have never known what a normal environment or relationship is like. This is why co-dependence feels caring and seems normal to a person who has never known how it feels to be independent and loved.


Conservative Republicans would like to break this pattern for their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters because they are family and the children of a dysfunctional family need to stick together until they can get away from the dysfunctional household by moving out on their own. 
In other words, Conservative Republicans want to distance their Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters from the wrong love and help them heal by learning to be independent and self sufficient.


Now, here is the heads up.

There are hateful people posing as Conservative Republicans that are being used by the abusive and unstable Parent Government to paint the loving Conservative Republicans in a bad light to look like the bad guys, because that's how narcissistic the abusive and unstable Parent Government is
The Narcissistic, Abusive and Unstable Parent Government is Public Enemy #1. 
Let's be clear on that.


On the Liberal Democrat side, we have a group of wounded children who have been victimized and traumatized by this abusive and narcissistic Parent Government's distortion and control.  Some are brainwashed by the narcissism and have some sort of a Stockholm Syndrome thing going on because they have been well kept and well fed by the Parent Government.


Essentially, you could say they've been groomed to defend the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government into thinking that they are going to provide the same relatively good life for their previously exploited and abused brothers and sisters, despite the fact that the original exploitation and abuse was at their hands in the first place.  This is how the privileged Liberal Democrats have become the Enablers. 


They are allowing the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government to stay in power by defending the abuser in an effort to comfort and support their victimized brothers and sisters.  These disadvantaged Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters have been oppressed and abused by this system for so long that they have become dependent on the cycle of dysfunction at the hands of the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government and for some reason the privileged Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters, who should be able to see through this since they themselves are not victims of, or caught in the cycle of co-dependency, seem to have been convinced to think that the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government is suddenly going to stop being controlling and exploitive.

If any Liberal Democrats should be able to see this, it's the privileged ones and yet they don't see it.


Traumatized Liberal Democrats crave the narcissistic and abusive Parent Government to feel safe, protected and alive.  But what they don't see is that they are being held captive in a cycle of emotional trauma and abuse by the very system that captured and traumatized them in the first place


What they fail to understand is that the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government that took advantage of them in the first place, is NOT going to be the home where they will be set free


It's not possible, so victimized Liberal Democrats must separate from their abusers in order to heal properly. 


Just Google tips about recovering from Narcissistic Abuse.





Liberal Democratic victims HAVE to come to terms with the fact that they have been living in a trauma response that was caused by an abusive and narcissistic Parent Government for many, many years and it's time to distance themselves from this Parent Government, to seek healing.


The Conservative Republicans love you.  We want you to heal.  We think our way is better because we are encouraging you to get away from the worst Parent Government.  Our Parent Government is not as bad
We want you to demand that the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government gets some therapy because it doesn't know what Love actually is or what it feels like.
  Conservative Republicans want Liberal Democrats to see that less government control is better, because the government has been corrupted by very bad people who actually do not want you to heal, because the system is built based on the Exploiters depending on the Exploited
They are doing everything possible to continue the facade that they are the Strong and Stable Head of the Household Parent Government, but they are NOT Strong and Stable.  They are USING you, for their own narcissistic and exploitive gain.


Please, wake up and come over. 
You can stay at our house.  The Conservative Republican Shelter, until all of us are together and we can figure what we're supposed to do next.  Our Parent Government is not that bad and it teaches us how to be independent, resilient and responsible.  We won't let any of those bad Conservative Republicans around that you're afraid of.  They were actually just programmed by the abusive and narcissistic Parent Government to be that way, to make you think that we did not love you, but we do
The narcissistic Government manipulated and gaslighted you...
....But it didn't fool us.  We saw through it because we weren't traumatized by it or emotionally attached.
We know the patterns of their narcissistic behavior.  We know how to play the game and we know how to win. 
We respect our Parent Government, even though it doesn't really spoil us and it holds us accountable for our behavior
It hasn't always been easy and they've bailed us out from time to time, but in general, they're safe.  They've protected us and been a pretty Stable and Healthy Household. 


To our Liberal Democratic brothers and sisters.  We love you, please love us back.  We hate that your Parent Government has made you love them more than you love us.  They didn't love you right and it's not your fault.  We love you.  We want to be with you.  We want the best for you
Don't listen to the lies that your abusive and narcissistic Parent Government is telling you about us.  They're lying to you.  They are bad.  They are telling you that WE are the problem and that if WE could just LOVE your Parent Government, EVERYTHING would be FINE.

That's not it.  The Government is not a human.  We areYou areWe are a family.  We do not need to be separated by a Parent Government's door to unite with each other.  But, the underprivileged Liberal Democrats, it's you who must admit that you've been caught in the cycle of trauma response and you need to trust that we want to help heal your pain body and childhood wounds.  
We have no reason to lie you. 
The Parent Government that is facing the loss of their control over you does.


  Think about it. 


It's Human Behavior 101, right in front of your eyes.


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