The Secrets of the Magdalene
If the Christ saved through the sacrifice, death and resurrection of his body, then the Magdalene saves through the death, labor and birth of her soul.

The Magdalene saves through the Spirit of Living.

She lived the fullness of the human experience and unlike Jesus, was not released from her suffering by death. She suffered the pain of abuse, rejection, condemnation, ridicule, trauma, loss, homelessness, expulsion, banishment, and every other form of human pain. Death did not relieve her of her suffering.
Instead, she had to find a path through the suffering and to the liberation that was waiting on the other side of the challenge. In finding her way through the suffering, Mary was healed and transformed, growing in strength and courage because of her ability to find her way through the suffering.
Mary Magdalene provides for us an example of human resilience. We do not worship her for her martyrdom, for she did not die for anyone’s sin. Instead, we see in her the way to make it through the inherent challenges of the human experience while paving the way for others to do the same.

The Gospel of Felicity is the story of how the spirit of Mary Magdalene brought her back to life.