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The Psychology of Celebrity

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
The Psychology of Celebrity



For my entire life, I have been completely intrigued with the concept of fame.  Not necessarily about being famous myself, but about the whole experience of it.  I wonder what it would feel like?

We all know what it feels like to think twice about what we are wearing when we head out, just in case we run into people that we know,  so we can can relate on a certain level to the feeling these people experience.  But, you have to imagine what it would feel like if almost everyone on the planet knew who you were?  You might not even be able to go to CVS at midnight for hemorrhoid cream in cognito.  Who care what you are wearing at that point, I bet celebrities try to look WORSE so nobody recognizes them.  Or, well, no wonder they have personal assistants for that kind of thing.

 My point is, how do you handle life where almost anyone, at any time could recognize you?  What does that feel like?  How does that affect your mental health?

It feels like contemplating space when I try and imagine what it would be like to be known by everyone.  Like, there is nothing higher.  I remember when I was a senior in high school, it kind of sucked because there was no one to look up to.  I wonder if it's like that?  It might be, it's just hard to fathom, but so fun to think about.

While I studied Psychology in college I decided that the reason so many celebrities had narcissistic traits was because they had a personality disorder that literally manifested their fame.

If you think about it, it makes sense.

Or what if someone's personality is so intense that their mind literally controls the weather of the world?  How would we ever know?

These days the world is all about mindfulness and the power of positive thinking, which is basically all about how our thoughts produce our reality.  People are also talking about this Collective Consciousness thing, which is basically when a group of minds all believe the same thing, so they bring reality manifesting power to the table, too.  What if the Collective Consciousness is Narcissistic or not?

Do you know what I mean?  Maybe a single celebrity is a Narcissist and they elevate themselves to a position of power, but what if they all get together and start dominating the world with their Collective Narcissism? 

How scary is that!?

I personally think it's part of the problem right now.  All these powerful Narcissists are trying to poison the world with their delusions and make more narcissists, kind of like it's a virus or something. 
*DUN, Dun, dun.*

Narcissism is one of the personality disorders that is basically untreatable, that's how set in their beliefs they are, so could you imagine how easy it would be to manifest something if you were pathological?

I wish I could be a pathological empath, so I could be totally successful and NOT exploit everyone for my own personal gain.  What a dream, but gosh darn it.  I have to deal with all this self doubt crap.

It must be nice to be a narcissist, I gotta tell ya.  I don't want to be one or anything, but they sure do rule the world right now, those frustratingly obnoxious dumb asses.  UGH!

I've spent my whole life trying to convince myself of my personal greatness.  It's a daily struggle to try to self actualize and these freaking narcissists just get to do whatever they want.  Even if they don't get their way, they just start making up a new reality in their head to justify their own thinking.  It's so annoying.

Lately, I have become this Narcissist Vigilante on Social Media, where I start calling people out who exhibit these behaviors on comment feeds, because I sort of do think Narcissism is like a cancer of the human mind that is literally ruining the world and I'm not talking all famous people.  I'm talking about the normal people who have been infected by this disease.

I do think almost everyone who is a celebrity in Hollywood has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or if they don't, they're parents or managers do and exploit these gifted children to become famous, not because their child   believed they were special and powerful but because these adult handlers and their weird pathological delusions of grandeur a la Jamie Spears and Joe Jackson, did.

Those are the celebrities who go off the deep end eventually, you know.  They were born with gifts and they got taken advantage of by demented robot vampire people.  

You can quote me on that, too.  I don't think I'm the least bit wrong.

I don't understand how we haven't figured this out sooner and added "Being Not That Extra Great at Things But Somehow a Famous Celebrity" to the clinical diagnosis criteria of the DSM, to be honest with you.  It's so obvious!  How else do people get famous?  Luck? 

Psch. There's no such thing as luck!  Please

They've obviously mastered the art of manifesting because that's how narcissistic they are.  No, not confident.  Narcissistic.  It's different.

 I would argue that if you had a healthy self-confidence level capable of producing a certain degree of fame, you wouldn't want it in the first place, so you'd go about things a lot differently and achieve success in a more private type of endeavor or perhaps create an alias, so nobody actually knows who you are.

You can tell the narcissists from the talents, 100%.  The true stars are good humanitarians (silently) which means they donate a lot of money to things and don't broadcast to anyone, because it's not about that for them.


 I like those famous people, like Jeff Bridges.  They just like acting and entertaining and they avoid all the narcissists because narcissists are incorrigible people who are literally, ruining the world.  But there's a secret.

Narcissists die if they get no supply, which means, if all the not narcissistic people just ignore them and pretend they don't exist, they will literally self-combust must like the cellular process of apoptosis.  

I think we should try this as a collective experiment.  Let's pick one Narcissist and just never acknowledge them ever again and see what happens.  I'm talking cold turkey, just no acknowledgment, so much so that they question if they died and are still in existence on earth as a ghost. 

I think we should try it on Kamala.  Let everyone praise her, if they are sick with the same disease, but give her no opposition.  Just completely ignore her and if anyone asks you about ignoring her, don't even acknowledge that!

Of course I will never be able to make this happen, but God Damn, what a badass psychological social experiment it would be.

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