The Problem of Society is Not Science or Religion
"Social conventions don't make for morality. It is morality that judges social conventions." - Socrates

Morality is independent of social rules regarding proper behavior.

Society has a problem.  It's gotten things a little confused.  The rulers of Social Behavior seem to think that they get to judge the Moral character of a US citizen, based on the social conventions that govern proper behavior.  The problem with this is that Morality should always be considered separately from  social behavior and here is why.

When the Nazi's were in power in Germany, the social conventions at the time were to behave in a way that was not moral.  That means social conventions do not always indicate proper morals.

Nazi Germany is exactly why we must always carefully monitor our social conventions to make sure they are not taking over as the Evil Dictator of Morality in disguise.

This is what has been happening in our country and most people are completely blind to it.  We're very confused.
We can't blame ourselves about how we got here.  We're here, so we need to deal with it now.  I know you are busy and realize not many have the time to sit down and focus on this kind of thing, so I took it upon myself to do it.  You don't have to spend any time studying, I'll do it for you.


I'm like the Cliff's Notes on Life.


You see, Morality has to do with wrong behaviors that harm the welfare of others.  Social Behavior has to do with positive actions such as manners, helping others and donating to charity, for example.  Not engaging in proper social behavior does not directly indicate an immoral human...keep that in mind.  There's a benchmark area to establish.


Morality deals with issues that transcend all human culture, like hitting hurts, stealing's wrong, that type of thing.


Social Behavior has to do with social conventions.


Morality has to do with ethical decisions.


We all start at benchmark point 0, which is Moral.  With my students, I used to call this Green, which is "Good Day".  If any of our behaviors fall below moral, we move our clip down.

If we got above and beyond by deciding to engage in any positive social conventions, we move our clip up.


This does not mean we are bad if we never move our clip up, yet we treat people as if they are.  And as a society whose social conventions have no governance over morality, that's wrong.


Let me repeat.


As a society whose social conventions have no governance over morality, that's wrong.


And that's the problem with Liberals.  You are condemning good people because they don't want to adhere to your social expectations and that does not make them a bad person.
Morality determines social behavior and since we have sought to destroy the establishment that erected the strength of our great nation that America, lost all masculine energy and we've allowed the country that stood strong to protect us, to go completely limp, to give you the visual.


Yes, it's true that the strength behind our great nation was once that of the masculine force.  We've spent so much attacking healthy masculinity and fought for women to carry that gender role, that it's no wonder American can't get it up and take back control of things.


We got a Trump because we needed frigging Viagra, but that's not my point in this post.  We'll talk healthy masculinity and the nature of gender at a different time.

My point is that America doesn't have a problem with Science or Religion, the issue with society has to do with Morality.


We have relied on Judicial Code to organize rules that not only protect our freedom, but afford rights to all minority and marginalized populations equally, which made sense to do, given our history of exploitation and barbarianism. 

Since we had no faith in our inherent goodness and moral behavior, we had to make it criminal to be a jerk to other people by infringing upon their rights as a citizen, it made perfect sense!


However, a consequence to this strategy of progression towards a more perfect union, we laid the foundation for a control system where human behavior was governed by consequences.  We became instinctually programmed to perform within guidelines out of fear of getting in trouble, instead of because it was ethically responsible.  


Do you see where this is going?


 What I have noticed as a teacher, is that there is something very fundamentally different about human behavior when one system of control is rooted with the fear of getting in trouble and the other is rooted in the choice to behave a certain way because it's the right thing to do. 

One sets the expectation that a person will be immoral, the other sets the expectation that a person will act good and this is definitely a slippery slope to consider, but what it comes down to is the system of believe that is instilled within us, at an early age.

You will often hear me argue that the fastest route to healing and social justice progression is through a spiritual education, or spiritual awakening.  The reason for this is because there are not amount of rules that will teach a man not to hate.  You can make it illegal to act on this hate, but there's nothing you can to do remove the hate, unless they have a change of heart and see the light.

One will never be able to see past outside appearances if they've never been taught to explore the nature of their inner world.  If they've never considered that a power that governs the universe that transcends the self, they might ever build a moral compass there.

The reason this is important is because the consciousness of being human in general has to do with the executive functioning of the human brain.  The ability to think meta-cognitively, reason abstractly, imagine future possibilities and plan ahead are abilities that are uniquely human.  These features encompass our God Consciousness, which is our ability to comprehend the potential for a power over existence that is bigger than us.  If we mute this natural born tendency or don't nurture it, then we limit the potential of the good nature we were gifted with by the very spark that defines what it means to be human.
We are spiritual bodies by nature and the biggest problem with the scientific method has been that it has been absent of mind.  Since abstract concepts like consciousness, emotion, dreams, personality and supernatural cognition have been difficult to study or reproduce, they've been removed from consideration in the science method.
But just because science cannot prove an abstract concept, like the personality of God, it also cannot prove that it does not exist.  It is here where the imbalance between Science and Spirituality has to be united with a third force, Morality.

Just like the balance of powers in our system of Government, a system of checks and balances in regards to Humanity is critical, too.

Science, Spirituality and Morality are the forces that keep one another in check.  Right now, it appears Science has taken on too much control and you can see Spirituality is feeling oppressed, so Morality needs to step in as the mediator to help get this situation figured out.

How to be we unite a side that is heavily spiritual, with a society that is heavily scientific?  We have sit down and re-evaluate what exactly it means to be human, the evolution of consciousness and the moral structure of a 21st century world that is increasingly distancing from the natural world.
What do we think about that and what do we do?  How did scientific intervention mess with the natural selection of evolution in certain ways and how does that look now that natural selection relies on intelligence and level of consciousness?  

The evolution is there, but we're only just now becoming keen to it.
What is the nature of consciousness?  At what point does Science begin to play God?  What does it mean to be human?  

Then, we can discuss how to code a new foundation of Morality in a world where the future is entirely unknown.