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The Nature of Consciousness

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
The Nature of Consciousness


My favorite experience during my spiritual awakening is the moment I realized that I had been reborn into Christ.  I'd been studying all kinds of different religions and spiritual concepts and to be honest, I was really resistant to christianity at all costs.  I think had been pretty turned off by the religious doctrine associated with it because, like we know, the traditional churches have done a pretty good job of providing reasons to discredit the faith and give it a bad have a lot of christians, if you think about it.

But, I tried very hard to separate the bias from the theology.  I wanted to understand and interpret things in my own way, outside of any influence aside from my own personal research and quest for wisdom.

It was really interesting because during the spring of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I was also working on developing my business and creating Felicity.  

The way I saw it was that I was documenting the process of my spiritual awakening online, in real time, in front of witnesses, to gain credibility.

In some ways, I thought that I was just using Felicity as a creative outlet to deal with all surge of emotions we all experienced during the pandemic crisis...but as I was writing the story of Felicity drowning in the ocean and being reborn, I realized what it really all meant.

I suddenly understood what Christ was all about.  I had the "aha".  I understood and it felt so glitter was pouring all over me.

It was magic.

At this moment, I can't explain with words how amazing I think the story of Christ is, but I do want to share something important that I have learned along the way so it's out there for spiritualists to think about.


What I learned after reading a book written by Watchman Nee called, "The Latent Power of the Soul" is that the biggest misconception of man is not understanding the concept of spirit and soul and with my background in psychology, I started to attribute all of this with the study of consciousness.

What I learned is that we have been confusing the idea of spirit and soul.

In recent years, there has been this holistic trend of connecting the "body, mind and soul.” 

And what I discovered is that this takes the word soul, and places it in the position of spirit...which is incorrect.

This might look very “religious” or “spiritual” but, remember...religious and spiritual are labels.

What I'm talking about here are are philosophical and psychological levels of consciousness and since psychology is probably the vehicle that is going to prove that God exists, I'm really interested in it.


What I have learned so far about the human condition is that fact because we can comprehend God, that in and of it itself proves his existence.  The spark of the idea had to begin somewhere, even if it came from a single human mind and then spread.

There's an origin.  Something that transcends the self.  It's a guarantee...but when we reject the spirit, the transcendence of God from our reality, we are left with just the physical.  The death.  And that right there is where the discussion of mortality exists.

The body dies because it holds the weight of sin.  That's the whole point of the story.  I haven't read the bible yet, but I'm slowly learning more about the body of christ, the fall of man and what the message about life and all of that symbolism entails and how it relates to transcendental psychology, because it is that which will translate ancient truths into a language most people today might be willing to understand.






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