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Charisma: The Gift of Nonverbal Communication

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Charisma: The Gift of Nonverbal Communication

Manifest Monroe: The Nonverbal Communication of Charisma

"If you want a quality, act as if you already have it." - William James

Marilyn Monroe was other worldly.  She came to earth blazing like a shooting star, dazzling the world with her beauty and leaving us in awe with the depth of her darkness as she burnt out.  She was a cosmic event for us to observe.

She was as paradoxical as every mystery of the universe is.  The truth of her heart was expressed by her beauty, but the darkness surrounding it was reflected through her pain.

She was the embodiment of what it meant to be divinely feminine. 

Light and Dark.

She was brilliant.  The goddess of her own universe.

My favorite story about her was one I read in her biography during my first year of college.

There was a story about how Norma Jeane seemed to be able to, 'turn on Marilyn' at the snap of her fingers. 

Think about that.

She was Norma Jean.

Marilyn Monroe was not her name.

I mean, maybe it was.

Maybe Marilyn was like Felicity and had to disguise herself as Norma Jean to pretend like she was actually a human.

I don't know.

It wouldn't be the first time an alien superhero had to pretend to be human.

Norma Jean helped Marilyn go incognito and she proved it one time, by flipping a switch.

Now, the story is told that Norma Jean flipped a switch and turned on Marilyn, but I say she turned off Norma Jean and Marilyn was always there...but I'll try not to be so technical.

The story goes that one time, she was walking down Broadway in New York with the wife of her personal photographer and for some reason, she decided she wanted to prove something.  At the moment, she was undetected in her regular clothing and she turned and said to this woman, ‘Do you want to see me become her?’

The woman admitted that didn’t know what she meant at first but just said ‘Yes’ anyway, not sure what to expect.  But, then, bam.  She saw it.

She couldn't explain what Marilyn did because it was so very subtle, but it appeared as though she turned something on within herself that was almost like magic. (Or turned something off)...

Suddenly cars were slowing, and people were turning their heads and stopping to stare. They were recognizing that this was Marilyn Monroe as if she pulled off a mask or something, even though a second ago nobody noticed her.

This woman said she had never seen anything like it before.

You can call it the "Marilyn Effect" or some other cosmic type word.  Something to define the charisma she embodied on that day that can help people transform from the ordinary into the extraordinary, at the drop of a hat. 

Charisma is the ability to access your authentic self and draw it up to the surface completely through the action of calling forth with your confidence.  It's a choice from your inner voice.  You establish the character and commit to the role.

Charisma has been thought to be a born personality trait, but others believe it to be more of a non-verbal communication skill.  That's what makes this chameleon-like transformation even more remarkable and it is the mark of a talented actor...

So, how do we tap into the Marilyn Effect, so we can manifest forth the best verion of our own self?

To start, anywhere you go, you walk in like you own the joint, with your head held high, shoulds back with presence.  You hone your power just by being it.

Confidence is the I am presence of "I know who I am" and presenting yourself to the world exactly as you want to be.

It is being completely aware of the image you give off in that moment because your whole being speaks truth to the world.

Your words, your tone, your body and your mind are all congruent at the same time.

It's not easy, but it's true...

Unless it's a lie...

to be continued...




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