The Goldilocks Planet; The Goldilocks People; The Goldilocks Principle From a Teacher


The Cupcake Experiment

In this special Goldilocks style activity, I brought unfrosted cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles to school just before winter break as a social experiment to determine their level of prudence as a baseline for planning future activities.

I told the class that I was not going to regulate them at all.

They had to regulate the cupcakes all on their own and if they did it well, I would do more activities like this. But, if it was a disaster, we'd never do it again.

And I was dead serious.

I told them that they need to be aware enough that everyone got frosting and sprinkles fairly. I told them not to be too greedy, but not deprive themselves either.

It was important for them to take notice of what was happening around them, in front and behind.  They had to notice their place in line, notice how many had gone before them, notice how many were left and notice how much frosting and sprinkles were still available, to help balance how much they wanted but felt should rightfully take.

The long story short is that, at the end of this experiment every student in my class had perfectly balanced cupcakes with plenty of frosting and sprinkles left over.

  Imagine that!  Self regulated harmony amongst children...all abundant with abundance to spare.


We live on the Goldilocks planet, so we are the Goldilocks people and the Golden Rule is the King.