The Emotional Vibration Scale

What is the Emotional Guidance Scale?

The Emotional Guidance Scale breaks down our emotions and feelings in sequence from Highest Vibration to Lowest Vibration.

What is an Emotional Vibration?

An Emotional Vibration is a Voltage that our body makes.  Different Emotions carry different Vibrations.  Lower Vibrations are correlated to Negative Emotions and Higher Vibrations are correlated to Higher Vibrations.  Yes, there are machines on the market that can detect these emotional frequencies.

Why is the Guidance Scale Shape Like Two Vortexes?

I believe the most important thing to understand about the Emotional Vibration Guidance Scale is that it has a baseline.  This is the neutral zone of positive and negative emotions.  There is no energetic or magnetic charge.  You could be metal, but you're not sticking on anything, basically.  But, once you get a charge you start attracting more of those charges.  That means, if you are charged by a negative emotion it's going to want to find some more friends and drag you down the negative scale.  The more friends it finds, the lower you go and the more positive emotion you will need to work your way back up.  

The same goes for the other side.  If you are charged with positive emotions, they will seek friends and the more friends they find, the faster you climb to enlightenment and the more negative emotions it will take to bring you back down.

Emotions are totally a game like that.  It's important to become familiar with the scale and be able to identify what emotion our thoughts and behaviors are operating under.

If any of those emotions are in the negative zone, it's important to do something about that because thoughts and behaviors that are charged by negative emotions will not serve you or others.  Thoughts and behaviors that are charged by positive thoughts WILL serve you and others.

You see how that works?

What Raises or Lowers my Vibration?

Things that raise your vibration are healthy things that boost your mood, like live plant foods, moving your body, singing, dancing, hydrating, laughing, breathing exercises, spending time in nature, helping others, practicing forgiveness and all those types of feel good things.

Things that lower your vibration are typically unhealthy things, like processed foods, alcohol, dead food such as, meat, animal products and fermented foods.  Some of these foods aren't necessarily "unhealthy" but hey just lower vibration and you have to balance that.  For example, you don't need to be a vegan or anything, just know that if you eat a burger, you might need to counteract that vibe dip with some high vibrational activities or foods...balance.  That's all.

Other things that lower your vibration are gossip, worrying about the future, negative self talk, drugs, toxins, electronics, social media and the news.  All the behaviors that create drama and make you feel 'icky' are things that will keep your vibe low.  Just removing these things without even TRYING to raise your vibration will lift you up the scale.  You don't even to do anything, just eliminate and you'll try to float your back to the neutral spot.