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The Story of Felicity

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
The Story of Felicity

The Story of Felicity

I created Felicity's Bliss as my version of heaven while I was a single mother and public school teacher living in San Diego, California in 2019 in a situation that felt a lot like hell.   After first being diagnosed with and recovering from cervical cancer in 2015, I spent two years wrestling with the trauma inflicted by a cancer diagnosis and struggled to regain my sense of self and femininity that was lost when I could no longer bare children.  Shortly after, I discovered that the father of my children had been unfaithful throughout this time and he abandoned his children and I.  
During this time, my perception of reality was completely off balance, so needless to say I was struggling.  I didn't know what was real, who to trust, what was happening or if any of this was my fault. 
I couldn't understand anything! 
All I knew was that I needed to act.  I needed to do and just trust everything would fall into place.  That's all I really COULD do, to be honest with you, so I pulled myself together and got a full time job as an elementary school teacher for the first time in 10 years and began supporting myself and children entirely on my own. 
 It was empowering and I found myself riding the adrenaline for quite a while, but eventually, I needed an outlet for myself to escape the daily stressors of single parenting.  I was so wrapped up in being mom and teacher, I was starting to lose track of Caitlin.  Besides, let's be real.  I had some serious healing I still needed to do.

I created Felicity, as my alter-ego, named after my favorite word, to hang on to the tiny shred of self I had left. 
She represented the best version of me.  The woman I knew I was on the inside that I wasn't reflecting on the outside.  She was who I wanted to be and knew I could be, I just needed her to be there to show me how.   She was my Authenticity and my superhero because she came just when I needed her. 
She saved my life because she introduced me to the truth.
The character Felicity is a goddess, an alien, a spirit guide, an angel...whatever you want to call her.  She is from another wrelm and has to pretend to be an ordinary human here on earth.  She has supernatural intuitive powers and was sent to help lead women to the truth about the nature of their divinity so they can help bring heaven down from the clouds.
This is Felicity's Bliss.
Heaven on earth.
She was born through an allegory about the ocean tricking me, stealing my favorite pair of sunglasses and then drowning me to get away with the crime.  When I came back up from the bottom of the ocean, I was fed up with the injustice of it all, so I filed a complaint with the Universe about the ocean being a narcisisst.  It was during this conversation that God revealed he had used the ocean to call my name, so that I could learn the truth once and for all.   I realized that Caitlin had actually drowned in the ocean, but was born again as Felicity.  She had seen the light and fell in love with it.  It was on that day that she became a secret agent and began working undercover for God.
Felicity represents the spiritual journey of a woman laboring through the process of discovering her authenticity, being born again into Christ and devoting her life to sharing the freedom that exists there within.
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