A Sustainable Energy Model for Your Spiritual Business

“Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply."

 I've never seen the movie Scarface, but this quote probably means if you sell drugs, don't do the drugs you sell because that's bad business, but I have to tell you, it's also speaking to so many more fundamentals truths.


Who knew Scarface spoke in parables like Jesus?  It's amazing what good writing can do.


It's thought provoking and I'm wondering if it's okay to get high on other drugs and still sell your own kind?  Wouldn't you assume the answer is yes? Otherwise, Scarface would have said, "Don't get high, period."
Wouldn't he? 



Thankfully, the beauty of proverbial wisdom is it’s ability to transcend all time and place so you can align with anything because there are no exceptions in truth.  It’s true everywhere.


Since I don't sell drugs or do drugs, I can't relate to the advice from Scarface in a Literal sense, but I can certainly relate to it in a Spiritual sense since that's the kind of high that I'm always looking for.


Before I heard this advice, I’d been using my own energy supply to get Spiritually High for a long time and my spiritual business was not very successful.
 I imagine the reason Scarface advised against taking hits of your own stuff is because you'll end up addicted to your product and when you're addicted, you keep trying to get higher, so you keep using more and before you know it, you're stash is gone, you have no money and you're bugging out because you can't get a fix
It's not a great situation, do you know what I mean?


That's why Scarface convinced me to stop trying to get Spiritually High off my own energy.  It was a bad business plan long term and I wanted to be Spiritually successful, so I wised up and decided to adhere to a better business practice.  I no longer use my own energy to get Spiritually High and I highly recommend you stop getting high off yourself, too.

There's plenty of spiritual business advice and coaches who will teach you to go within and start tapping into your own supply of energy to get high off, but it never lasts.  Once you're at a certain point and you can't get any higher, you end up moving on to some other spiritual business mentor, to see if that's what you need to get higher, all the while thinking you were moving up in the world, when you were really just side stepping.
 Don't feel bad.  I got that bad business advice, too.   
I got your back.


Check it out, this probably sounds like you...
I went from yoga, to tarot, to crystals, to reiki, to tantra, to sound, to whatever and just kept bouncing around to different energy modalities to see which one I needed to clear whatever new or old block I had.

It was exhausting!
People told me that I had to go inward to find myself and come to discover that I was in fact God. 


My own God.  
I thought I was pretty spiritually "with it" and I couldn't figure out how to start believing I was my own God. 


It was very confusing.

I kept thinking,
"I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm not able to find God in my Self.  I don't want to look like a jerk here and tell all these more advanced spiritual people that I think I know better, but I think I might be more advanced than them and might know better.


I'm not God, I'm Caitlin and I asked my Self if it was God and she said no...so, now who do I go see for more Spiritual Advisory?  I'm more screwed up now than before!"
Let's put it this way, I was pretty spiritual so my tolerance was very high and I couldn't find a way to get myself any higher on my own energy or other spiritual healing practices.  It was like I maxed out and started to come down then started panicking because I had already tried every single religion and spiritual practice in the world, including Practical Kabbalah and I didn't want to go back to hell. 


I needed to stay high, but it was an unsustainable self healing model!

Nothing was working and the whole reason I was trying to get spiritually high in the first place was so that I could meet God.

So, what did I do?  
I went back to the drawing board and developed a new business plan where I no longer got high off my own energy supply and got high off of God's energy supply instead, because his supply never runs out. 


It's such a no brainer, don't you think?  It's like, "what a waste of time and energy trying to make myself God, how big was my freaking ego!?"


So, thankfully I found God and He got me high on His energy supply and I saved my own energy for getting things done in my real life, which coincidentally had been suffering even more than before I started getting high spiritually having been led to believe it was going to help me win at life. 


It was a bum deal and a spiritual hamster wheel, so don't fall for it.


So, if you're anything like me, my advice is that you listen to Scarface and start using God to get high and not your own stuff.  It's the only sustainable energy model that will take your spiritual business to the next level, so you can live the high life, forever.