12 Spiritual Laws from the Law of Attraction

1. Divine Oneness

Absolutely everything in our universe is interconnected.  We are all one and awareness of that makes us more powerful, as well as more empathetic.

2. Vibration

Every particle in the universe is in constant movement and constantly carries energy.  Everything also has it's own particular energy frequency.  High energy particles are attuned to high energy particles and low energy particles are attuned to low energy particles.

3. Correspondance

Patterns are important because they help us predict what happens next.  Correspondence means that patterns repeat throughout the universe and prominent patterns can be found repeating on a smaller scale.  Think of it like this...your inner world becomes your outer world.

4. Attraction

Like attracts like.  I know, it's counterintuitive because we want to believe that opposites attract.  Not at the spiritual level, it's about like vibrations and levels of soul.

5. Inspired Action

This law means that we have to actively pursue our goals.  You have to charge the battery, so to speak by providing opportunities that the universe can use to provide for you.

6. Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Everything around us in constant flux.  Energy is constantly being exchanged and changed.  This is often occurring most on a cellular or atomic level.

7. Cause and Effect

All action has a corresponding reaction.  Your thoughts, actions and behaviors create your life.  If you don't like your life, you have to change your thoughts, actions or behaviors.  Fix the cause to change the effect.  It's pretty straight forward.

8. Compensation

This is the karma law.  You get what you give and you reap what you sow.  Whatever you put into something, you will get back in return eventually because the more you give, the more you get.  Fact.

9.  Relativity

Everything is neutral in isolation until it is compared against something else.  We decide how we see things based on what we are comparing them to.

10. Polarity

This is where the opposites attract thing comes in.  A-ha! Everything has an opposite.  Each thought has two things, content and energy.  The energy is the power that drives the content.  They cannot exist without each other, so if the content of your thought is that you will fail and you repeatedly think this thought or worse, speak it out loud, then more energy will be powering the content and you will fail.  This is why reprogramming our brain with daily mantras and mirror exercises is critical for manifestation and success!  

11. Rhythm

All things come in cycles, so ride the waves instead of fighting the current.  Get in flow with the universe and your struggles will become less.

12. Gender

There are 2 types of energy, masculine and feminine and they are present everywhere.  It is not about sex gender.  Batteries have a gender.  Can you guess which part is the male?  The male energy to things is the doing and the female energy is the surrendering and receiving.  It's not a dominant v. submissive thing.  It's not anti-feminist.  It just is what it is.  It's a law, take that however you chose to see it.



Can you think about any ways in which you might be working against any of these universal laws and how you can improve it and thus improve your life?  It's always good to check in with yourself.  It can be easy to get off track and become unbalanced or "stuck" some place in your life.  Let Felicity help you get 'unstuck'.  She loves to be a teacher.