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The Hidden Dangers of a Spiritual Awakening

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
The Hidden Dangers of a Spiritual Awakening
Enlightenment has gained the reputation as a right of passage for elite social media influencers these days, don't you think? 


It's quite the privilege to have all of your lower needs met on Maslow's Hierarchy so that you are able to self actualize, which is why a spiritual awakening has become a term laced with egotistical superiority.  


The truth is, a spiritual awakening is just the en vogue term dressing up a nervous breakdown and giving it a name with less stigma attached, but at the core, fundamentally, they are exactly the same.


My spiritual awakening started when I got tired.  I had been bailing out water in a sinking ship for too many years and it was unsustainable, but I wasn't about to go down with the ship.  I realized that the ship I was in, was floating in 3 feet of water.  I didn't have to keep exhausting myself with trying to prevent the ship from going down.  If it sunk, it wouldn't even go under.  I could just stand up and walk to shore and start ranting and raving at the world for having fooled me so!


"How dare you make me think I was going to drown, when that whole time I could have just abandoned ship and walked to shore!  What is this whole world run by misogynists?"


The answer is probably yes, but that's not the point.
My point is that, I could not have gotten to this truth if it weren't for two things.


1.) I had to go through the experience of bottoming out and
2.)  I had to seek a different solution.


Now, there's plenty of people who have not been forced into this desperate position and they are still bailing out water, so to speak, and I believe they think that this new administration is truly the light at the end of the tunnel.  They hope that it's only a matter of time before they can stop bailing out water..but, that's the deception right there.

It's a false hope.


The false hope is this attachment to the sentiment of the old.  The longing for a life as it used to be before, but, we've known for a long time that the way we were living was not sustainable and the universe forced our hand.  

It's do or die time.  Sink or swim...or the third hidden option that nobody talks about.....


....we stand up.

Is there a hidden truth that has been covered up from us?  Yes, there is.  Are the truth of these details difficult to handle or almost impossible to believe?  Yes, they are.  Do those in power understand how hard it will be to mentally process these truths in a healthy way, particularly when mental health has already been taxed beyond measure?  Yes, they do.  


This is a hostage situation in many, many ways and it has to be handled cautiously, so nothing blows up.


The reason I think that we need to come together as a people and stand up united is because if we don't, those who have not had their "nervous breakdown"/"spiritual awakening" are going to have to have it eventually, because the truth is inevitable.


Suddenly realizing that the whole world you thought you were living in was based on a lie can do a solid number on your psyche and for any of you who watched some of my videos, I explained why maintaining balance throughout an awakening is absolutely critical.

The energy that surges through you during this movement that elevates your consciousness is very intense.  You are literally breaking down your old nervous system and then it begins to rebuild itself into a new reality.  You simply can't perceive a new reality with the old programming of your nervous system.  It's like when you can't use a certain app until you update your phone.  I know it's odd to think of yourself like that, but your brain and your body are a lot like a computer system.


When you consider the word nervous breakdown, this is the term that is usually attached to someone who had a negative outcome of the event.  This means they might have gotten trapped in substance abuse or have a mental health crisis.  Perhaps there is a job loss or a relationship ends and they don't seem to recover back to a new normal that is productive.  This happens because some part of their being fell out of balance and they weren't able to recover it and the results are often tragic, so we have to tread lightly with the human condition.


The current political climate is tense and there is a lot of energy floating around about some epic truth or veil that needs to come down that will shock the world.  A lot of people pushing this message around are accidentally causing fear and conflict in their effort to inspire curiosity and drop hints that might stir thought or investigation.


I have been guilty of these actions myself, thinking that if I could get people curious, they might investigate themselves or perhaps feel less shocked when the information did finally come to light, but now I have reached a point where I see that approach is not the most effective thing I could do.


Instead what I can try to do is explain WHY things feel so uncertain and WHY we might not get proven right or wrong in any certain way, any time soon.

The reason for that is because, there really is a group of very mature, very intelligent and very spiritually advanced beings who are working together for the highest good of mankind.  They are trying to eradicate the forces of evil from our planet in the most effective and safest way.


They don't want casualties or war.  They are lovers and they just want the best for all citizens of mankind.  They want to see you grow and expand and feel safe and be joy.  But, they can't force anything on you, nor can they shock you with a truth that's so uncomfortable to know. 

If that happens, the cognitive dilemma will launch a nervous breakdown in a LOT of people at the same time and a bit like the co-vid pandemic, we'll have a mental health crisis on our hands that could be even more disastrous than a shortage of hospital beds and nursing staff.


The way to get through all of this the most peacefully and with the least conflict is if we can come together for a conversation and an education.


If we as people can find a way to trust one another again and learn how to talk.  Learn how to understand.  Learn how to learn from one another and not feel like there is a hidden agenda or some sort of personal attack, we’ll get through this faster.


We've been conditioned by these negative forces to be fearful, defensive and our identities have become attached to these masks that it's made it very hard for us to separate our emotions and opinions from our objective reasoning ability. 


It's really important that we learn how to do that if we are ever to meet one another on the same level of truth.


I personally want to get through this time as fast as possible because I'm very excited about rebuilding our world into a sustainable model where everyone is elevated to a position of safety, security, health, abundance, empowerment and unconditional love. 


It's possible.  We have the plans and the scaffolds in place.  We have the intelligences and the systems designed that would change the way our world operates in such a way that it heals the sins of the past and breaks the generational chains that have caught families in systems of poverty, oppression, injustice and abuse. 


I want this world so badly and I know it's RIGHT HERE, but it's up to US.  The PEOPLE to open our HEARTS and our MINDS to the TRUTH...whatever that truth might be.  We need to open ourselves to be ready for it.  We need to ask for it.  We need to let go of any past notions, past pains, past ills and say, "We don't know, but we're ready to know.  We are ready for the truth and we are stronger together, so we can handle it."


We can't keep going with the political operation we have right now.  This back and forth, left vs. right model has reached the point of no return.  We can't keep bailing out water.


We also can't let the fear of our ship sinking put us into a state of desperation where we accept a democracy where we are forced into choosing a lesser evil, which is where we've been at for several decades now.


We need the 3rd option.
We need to see through the facade and STAND UP!

We're not in an ocean.  Our ship is not going to sink if we stop doing this, we're only in 3 feet of water, but they didn't want us to realize it.




We don't have to put up with this nonsense anymore.









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