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Indigo Children and How They're Meant to Change the World

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Indigo Children and How They're Meant to Change the World

Indigo children are part of a group of Star Seeds that represent a leap in Human Evolution.

What I mean about a leap in Human Evolution is that we are seeing that a new level of consciousness is being established in children now that is a state that normal comes later in the lifespan of a developing human.

The starting point of the level of consciousness is more advanced that children used to be, which means they have a potential to climb even higher than their parents, for this reason.

Basically, what is happening is that we are seeing a new level of consciousness being established in our children now meaning that they are born being more spiritually advanced, or at a higher conscious level than children were typically born with before. 

Part of the experience of being human is to produce an evolution of consciousness, so this is something that is always evolving from birth through adulthood.  What this means is that these children have an intensity and power that is typical reserved for an adult with more executive function and control of their impulses and emotions.

Children have not developed these things yet, so they are born highly gifted, but the gifts might start off as a deficit to their functioning until they can get them under control.

In general, Indigo children come into this world knowing who they are.   They are strong willed and very intuitive, but they struggle to fit it in and they know it. They have this inner sense that they are special and have a purpose and yet the world all around them appears to do anything possible to make them doubt this belief.  They are highly sensitive souls, so it's imporant that we can identify them and celebrate their uniqueness.  They must be guided with tenderness and love.




Common Traits of Indigo Children

-Strong calling to make the world a better place.

-Physically sensitive and emotionally intense.

-Creative and highly energetic.

-Innate knowing and sense of morality.

-System busters who do not respond to control or authority figures.

-Feel naturally superior.

-Deeply connected to nature, plants and animals.


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