Indigo Children and How They're Meant to Change the World
When you think of a hippie, what tends to come to mind?  

Is it Tie-Dye?  Maybe some flowers, the peace symbol, bell bottoms..all psychadelic and groovy focused on love, am I right?

The Age of Aquarius is the essence of the whole 70's vibe, but did we ever really take it seriously or were those just some hippies trippin' balls, dreaming about pink elephants and world peace?

Weirdos, right?
Who were hippies anyway?  Were the mentally ill?  Were they lazy?  Were they uncivilized?  Or were they genius?

It's hard to know.

They were basically people who felt completely alienated from the middle class society, who to them, represented materialism and oppression.  But middle class society would tell you that they were basically bums that only cared about sex, drugs, rock and roll and mooching whatever they could off of society.
I want to say they were the epitome of a liberal vs. a conservative, but that might be calling the kettle black a little too generally.

What we do know is that they were not popular and they were struggling for a utopida that was never to come...and what was most frustrating about hippies that nobody likes to talk about, except conservatives, is that the hippies were a majority of white middle-class young people who had the privilege of being able to 'drop out' of society, without truly risking a fall.  
They were pretty obnoxious as civil rights activists because their movement was laced with the fruits of privilege that spoiled and rebelled against a society in protest that it would not fully participate with all color, race and creed and it appears, middle class privilege at these idealist fools and said, "bye".
It was they that wished to devolve as a species, choosing to romanticize indigenous cultures and communal living because they came without the responsibility necessary to acquire and maintain the benefits of modern luxuries.  I have to imagine that rejecting progress in the name of I don't want to have any responsibilities, might have gotten on people's nerves after awhile.

Or was their behavior a critical maneuver of the movement?

Could it be that hippies accidentally had the right idea all along?  To be this extreme, counterculture annoyance requesting seemingly impossible ideals, making the protests of the marginalized civil rights groups less disruptive by comparison?  Did they take the hit and make themselves the bad guy, to let

Did they squat themselves at the opposite end of the spectrum of social ideologies because it was necessary for privilege to be vilified in the name of justice for all?  You have to admit, they probably made the original annoyances of the establishment become a little more tolerable, by taking the hit.
Could that be it?

Well done, you crazy hippies..but then something happened.
Being a hippie got hijacked and became the new societal norm.
It seems the hippie ideal is the new American dream when you look at the businesses dedicated to bohemian style like free people and anthropologie, yet it appears to be a true hippie, your still bound to the privileged status quo when you consider the cost of the labels.
Can you be a capitalist hippie?  Or is labeled and over-priced bohemian branding just the establishment taking control and mocking the nature of humanity with the intentional homelessness of off the grid living. 
 "Off the grid" living is not realistic in that is completely rejects the gift of progress that's been given by God.  These spoiled conformists are acting foolish again and fail to note how their logic fails if they document life off the grid on social doesn't make sense.

What we need is to progress with more balance not devolve to a world where we are disconnect. 
The real hippies were rebels and not conformists like current hippies and they were possibly the first wave of the Indigos...a breed of alien humans.
Yeah, I bet you didn't that one coming.  I should probably drop a hint in the introduction before I waste 10 minutes of your time getting here in you're not interested in extraterrestrial talk.

If you are, welcome.  I am glad you are here now.  I'd like to take you on a little adventure where I blend the indigenous past with the cosmic future here in the age of aquarius.  
Beam me up Scotty, here we go.

The Indigos are part of a group of Star Seeds that came to Earth to help humanity ascend into the 5th dimension of consciousness.  They are indicative that we are truly facing a quantum leap in Human Evolution and we needed a disaster relief system in place.  Indigos have already ascended into higher dimensions, so they know what's going on and they came here on a mission to help a humanity that has been conditioned to reject them.
We are seeing a new level of consciousness being established in children at birth, beyond what has been traditionally observed.

Basically, children are being born with "older souls" or "more advanced cognitive abilities" than before.  So the speed and intensity of their intelligences are more developed, but have been inserted into a body that has not physically evolved enough to accommodate this level consciousness.   

You see, before technology and scientific intervention came into play, human beings had to rely on the typical process of our bodies evolving like every other species.  But now, we have almost stunted the physical aspect that goes with survival of the fittest, so now it seems our consciousness is the thing left to evolve.

In the past, our brain, intelligence and consciousness evolved over the lifespan of a developing human.  But now the starting point for the level of consciousness in some humans is more advanced than other children before, which means they have a potential to evolve their level of consciousness to a state that is higher than ever before during a single lifespan.
Basically, there are now more people being born more spiritually advanced than ever before and this leap began with Indigo children coming to earth to prepare us for this advancement.

Indigo children came to earth on a mission to help humankind through a major awakening period.  They are almost on a service mission of sorts, meant to plant the seeds of awakening and help labor the process through. 

You can think of the earth as a school for the evolution of souls.  It's fun when you name the University of Life, don't you think?  And part of the experience of being human is to work towards an evolution of consciousness.  This is something that is always evolving from birth through adulthood and it advances through life lessons and personal development. 
What this means is that there are now children that have an intensity and power that is typicalyl reserved for an adult with more executive function and control of their impulses and emotions...and indigos are trying to helps us understand that as a humanity.

Children have not developed these things yet, so they are born highly gifted, but the gifts might start off as a deficit to their functioning until they can get them under control.

In general, Indigos come into this world knowing who they are.   They are strong willed and very intuitive, but they struggle to fit it in and they know it. They have this inner sense that they are special and have a purpose and yet the world all around them appears to do anything possible to make them doubt this belief.  They are highly sensitive souls, so it's imporant that we can identify them and celebrate their uniqueness.  They must be guided with tenderness and love...most indigos are already adults at this point, with maybe a few coming in as new bodies.

If you know anyone who was born around the 1940s-1970s who have these qualities about them, they might very likely be an indigo child and it might benefit you to connect with them for a moment.  Find out who they really are and what their message might be.  You might be surprised to know what you find out.



Common Traits of Indigo Children

-They come into the world feeling like they are royalty, even though their life is typically far from it.  This tends to frustrate them because they have a strong sense of self-worth.
-They tend to see better ways of doing things and end up being what you could call a "systems-busters" and non-conformists.
-They can be anti-social unless they are with their own kind.  If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they tendn to go inward, feeling as though no other human understands them.
-They are born with a strong sense of purpose and calling to make the world a better place.
-They are physically sensitive and emotionally intense.
-They are very creative and highly energetic.
-They have an innate sense of morality.
-They feel naturally superior.
-They are deeply connected to nature, plants and animals.