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The New Normal; Established Conformity by the Rebellious Majority

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
The New Normal; Established Conformity by the Rebellious Majority


The New Normal:


They are smarter than their parents; more educated, more hip, more diverse and have established themselves as an altruistic generation driven by socially responsible ideals. 


They pioneered the internet, got locked up in student loan debt, lived off their parents as long as possible and shamelessly perfected the art of a selfie.


On one hand, they are progressive, thoughtful and consciously generous because they bought shoes that were supposed to be cool from a company that would send an extra pair somewhere else....wherever that was.  

But on the other hand, they are completely inconsiderate because these shoes that were being sent to people living in poor conditions would turn into a limp napkin glued to a bunch of repurposed cigarette butt filters if you happened to walk through a couple of puddles.


Come to think of it, it might have been more earth friendly if that’s what they were actually made of, but then again, no one would have bought them and poor people need shoes, right?

I don't know.  

I feel bad criticizing good intentions, but the road to hell is paved a certain way.


I'm just a little concerned that we might be confused about how we got to this place and I refer to Toms because I think that might be the beginning. I feel like we all forgot way back when, and most of us thought they were ugly...


...because they were...


...but we bought them anyway.


So, I guess what I am wondering is WHY did we buy them?

What was REALLY in our hearts?


Yeah, millenials made it cool to be socially conscious, but in some ways they just got scammed by a clever marketing scheme that capitalized by abusing charities to further consumerism...or maybe I'm a jerk.


I guess I just feel like if being socially conscious was cool that it would have made more sense to walk around barefoot like a REAL hippie and then send 50 dollars to an actual human in Africa..Direct to the source.


But alas, that's not as photoworthy as a lavender oatmilk latte, paired with some matching shoes staged in the background.  How could anyone show off how cool it looked to be conscious? 


 Maybe this is why social media has been so good to millenials?

They’ve been rewarded for free marketing loyalty with favorable algorithms, so they keep influencing people to be liberally cool.


And maybe social media is why millenials have completely surpassed their parents in nearly everything, including hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance and self-centered behaviors.  


These are the Me'lennials.


They are tech saavy, they are progressive and they demand justice be restored.


But, they are completely out of touch with reality because they want to contribute to the greater good of the world, but also didn’t have a problem with Obamacare forcing their parents to cover their health insurance until they were 26 and then not enrolling in it after.   After all, they were young and healthy so when it came down to avocado toast and or an extra bill, it was a no brainer.  Of course they wouldn't waste money on frivolous things they didn't need.


(Can you pass me my ph water? Thanks.)


  Insurance needs people enrolled who might not need to use it very often as a way to keep the system balanced out, but I don't think they got that memo.  Besides, they're basically all wellness experts anyway so who needs a doctor?  They have red lights, juice cleanses and yoga memberships.  It's way cheaper than Obamacare.  But, what's even more interesting (or alarming) is that, thanks to the internet, Millenials have managed to become experts at educating you about everything you don't need to be certified for! 


They're coaches.  No, not therapists, counselors, teachers, dietitians or personal trainers.  


They are professional life coaches who figured it all out by the age of 24 who can convince you to follow them through clever marketing and social media ploys by purchasing templates and scripts from a mentor and providing absolutely no real credentials.

It's a little bit crazy and there are people totally making bank on this.

Millenials have the most brilliant delusions.


I’m actually a little worried about this generation and part of me thinks that there should be a new law that requires us to interview people before we give them the authority of being an adult. 

The questions could be something like..


Have you established your own health insurance?

Does your mom still make your dentist appointments for you?

What day is trash day?

Are you able to eye ball how much butter and milk is required to make a box of macaroni and cheese the perfect consistency without dirtying a measuring cup with milk?

Do you own an umbrella?

Do you have the slightest idea of how social economic structures function at large?



This might help us be sure that we're giving privileges to people with a little bit of real world experience, self-sufficiency and common sense!


I'm a millenial and I think I might be a DISGRACE to the word adult, so I'm not trying to cast judgements over here. I'm mostly just talking about myself...which is very millenial of me, but I digress.

To be honest, I think we’re out of touch because virtually all of us got Digital Dysentery on the Oregon Trail circa the 90s.  We pioneered the internet, what do you want from us?  Before they even came up with anti-virus software, we were already infected.  Nobody knew it was going to affect our brain, so don’t blame us.  

Blame our parents. 


They're baby boomers, so do you know what that means?   They were raised by people who were born into the Great Depression and lived through WW2 and it doesn't sound like the world was having very much fun at this time, judging by the labels.

  My grandmother said that all the brave men died in the first world wars, whatever that was supposed to mean, but if I had to guess, I think she was saying that the men who didn't die were probably not great in the first place and then came back as emotionally damaged left overs, so there was a limited supply of quality mate selection resources.  This would probably explain why the divorce rate shot up and kids started to rebel against their parents, pretty severely. 

All the good DNA died defending our country and the other ones came back and had to try and repopulate the US with junk y chromosomes.

Enter the Baby Boomers; the Generation of Me.

It's hard to imagine how intense this whole period of American history must have been, just in general.   Wars, drafts, depressions, riots, protests.  Political Leaders and Activists were getting assassinated left and right, like it was a normal and just came with the territory.  I have to imagine if that still happened now, people would think twice before they started posting certain things on the thing.

Don't look at me.  I already know I'm getting assassinated.  It's fine, I already talked to God.  He's got presents for me up there and stuff.

I'm not surprised some of the Baby Boomers got so freaked out by all the conflict and violence that they decided to just check out and smoke a bunch of weed, do some LSD and dance naked.  They probably thought the whole world was going to end...but then it didn't...and they still had to save face, so they became the "anti-establishment rebels," but that's not what they were.

What they really were, were spoiled adult teenagers who were angry with their father's for raising them with the stoic authority of emotional neglect and conservative behavioral expectations.

Are we really that surprised that Baby Boomer parents were overprotective and made sure every single emotional need of their children would be met? 

 Forget the Generation of Me, baby boomers were so emotionally stunted by the trauma of their childhood, they should actually be called the Generation of PTSD! 

 That's what I think. 

   But, no, they are the Generation of Me and they had children, who they decided to project on and live vicariously through, since they had unhealed childhood traumas, themselves.

So, enter Millenials as carefully crafted hippie avatars styled in expensive clothing intentionally designed to make them look like well-kept slobs.

It's so weird.  

They appear encouraged by their parents to present themselves with the signature of social rebellion, yet unaware that it has now become the  Established Norm.

Technically, once you become the norm, you are no longer the rebellious one and conforming to the rebellion is not very rebellious, once it's  becomes the I right?

So, I hate to break to the Hippies and fake hippie children, but you're not the cool rebels anymore.  You're the norm and nobody cool likes the norm.

WOMP, womp.

Millenials have become the conformist version of their parental rebels and the new normal is to be a privileged clean slob who is fake poor.

(Read that as, millenials and their liberal parents are insane.)



You could say that well-groomed, tailored and clean styling is what might be considered non-conformist in these days and if you want to be anti-establishment, you might need a button up shirt, a hair brush, a job and a couple of moral principles to compliment your outfit with.


Baby Boomers took a risk by leaving a privileged life to go be as weird as they wanted to be and take a stand for an obnoxious ideal that they believed in...because they could.   They knew they could all go back home once they got bored because that's kind of what they did it after they finished being the annoying and spoiled children who accidentally helped support the equality movement by being so much more obnoxious than the actual civil rights protests involved

That was their contribution to the 60s, you know...

They made themselves Public Enemy #1 so the government didn't have to take the heat and also helped the real civil rights protestors look like their behavior was less bad by comparison.

You don't think they planned on being this extreme counterculture annoyance requesting seemingly impossible ideals, ultimately making the protests of all the civil rights groups less disruptive by comparison, do you? 

Of course they didn't!  They didn't care, they didn't want to do anything besides piss off their dad by doing drugs and looking dirty.


Stupid. Spoiled. Hippies.


Was this a brilliantly stupid devil's advocate move that ended up being critically important to the civil rights movement's success?


Gosh, I don't know if it was intended like that, but hey, if that's what happened...

In general, the hippie thing has got to go.  It's played out and it's not even cool anymore so I think we might need to give it up. 

Don't you think the Middle Class is still all about materialism and quite oppressive these days, especially considering the degree of censorship they exercise over society?  It doesn't matter if what they're wearing makes them look laid back, they are the most uptight people I have ever seen in my life.  You cannot have perfectly twisted dreadlocks and 500 necklaces on and act like you don't care about image.

I just think it's pretty obvious that the establishment pulled a fast one on Baby Boomers and Millenial Liberals by turning them into the same middle class Establishment the real political activists thought they were fighting against in the 60's.


Wake Up America!


The End.
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