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iGeneration; The Products of Millenials

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
iGeneration; The Products of Millenials


They are smarter than their parents, more hip, more diverse and have established themselves as an altruistic generation with socially responsible ideals. They pioneered the internet, got locked up in student loan debt, lived off their parents as long as possible and perfected the art of a shameless selfie.


On one hand, they are a bit spoiled and entitled.  They seem to love to pat themselves on the back for being generous because they bought shoes that everyone is supposed to think are cool, from a company that sends an extra pair somewhere else.  Wherever that was.

But on the other hand, they're a little out of touch because these shoes they were sending to people living in poor conditions would turn into a limp napkin glued to a bunch of repurposed cigarette butt filters after you walked through a puddle.


Come to think of it, it might have been more earth friendly if that's what they were actually made of.  But, then again, no one would have bought them and poor people need shoes, right?


I don't know. It's hard to speak negatively about someone with good intentions, but it's also hard not to point out a harsh reality, especially when it might be true.
It's just very confusing for me about how we got to this place and I guess I refer to Toms because that's where it started. I feel like we all forgot way back when and we all thought they were ugly.


Because they were.


But we bought them.


So, I guess what I am wondering is WHY did we buy them? What was REALLY in our hearts?


Millenials made it cool to be socially conscious, but in some ways it was just a clever marketing scheme that capitalized by abusing charities to further consumerism...or maybe I'm a jerk.


I guess I just feel like if being socially conscious was cool that it would have made more sense to walk around barefoot like a REAL hippie and then send 50 dollars to an actual human in Africa..Direct to the source.


But alas, that's not as photoworthy as a lavender oatmilk latte, paired with some lilac Toms shoes in the background below.  Maybe this is why the social media thing has been so good to millenials. They’ve been rewarded for free marketing loyalty.  And maybe this is why they've completely surpassed their parents in nearly everything, including their amount of self-centeredness.  The Generation of Me are the parents of the Generation of Me Me Me.


These are the Me-llenials.


They are educated, they are progressive, they are socially conscious, they are independent.


But, they are completely out of touch with reality because they want to contribute to the greater good of the world, but didn’t have a problem with Obamacare forcing their parents to cover their health insurance until they were 26 and then not enrolling in it after, because they were young and healthy, so they had to weigh the costs of an extra monthly bill or affording avocado toast...


"Can you pass me my ph water? Thanks."


  Insurance needs people enrolled who might not need to use it that much as a way to keep the system balanced out.  But I don't think everybody got that memo and besides, they're so healthy.  They're basically all wellness experts now, didn't you know?

What's even more interesting or alarming, depending on how old you are, millenials have managed to become experts at everything you don't need to be certifed for!  They're coaches.  No, not therapists, counselors, dieticians or personal trainers.  

No, they're professional coaches who can convince you to follow them through clever marketing and social media ploys, without any real certification.

It's a little bit crazy and they're totally making bank on it.
Millenials.  The most brilliant delusion.


Part of me thinks that there should be a new law that requires us to interview people to give them the authority of being an adult. 
The questions could be something like..


Have you established your own health insurance?
Does your mom still make your dentist appointments for you?
What day is trash day?
Are you able to eye ball how much butter and milk is required to make a box of macaroni and cheese the perfect consistency without dirtying a measuring cup with milk?
Do you own an umbrella?
Do you have the slightest understanding about how the current societal system functions at large?


This might help us make sure we're giving privileges to people with a little bit of self-sufficiency and common sense!
I'm a millenial and I think I might be a DISGRACE to the word adult, so I'm not trying to cast judgements over here. I'm mostly just talking about myself...which is very millenial of me, but I digress.


We can't really blame my millenial friends and I though.  We are the children of baby boomers, what do you expect?  The baby boomers were the Generation of Me.  They were raised by parents born into the Great Depression and lived through WW2, heck, my grandmother used to say that all the brave American men and women died in the war, whatever that was supposed to mean.  I’m sure she was trying to make a point about something, so you can try to figure that one out and let me know.  The fact is that these baby boomers came just after that time and then lived through the civil rights movement of the 60's. 


It's hard to imagine how intense this whole period of American history must have been.  Political leaders were getting assasinated left and right.  There were drafts and protests and riots everywhere.
I don't know how any baby boomers could handle it! 


Some of them couldn't, the soft ones. They were so freaked out by all of it that they decided to smoke a bunch of weed, do some LSD and get naked because they probably thought the whole world was going to end...but then it didn't.   


It was Baby boomer’s behaviors that mattered.  Not their feelings which is why most of them were raised with the stoic authority of emotional neglect.  Are we really surprised that they co-slept with their children, refused to spank them and became overprotective helicopter parents to ensure every emotional need had been met?


 Forget the Generation of Me, baby boomers were so traumatized by their childhoods, they should actually be called the Generation of PTSD! 


That's what I think. 


There was so much generational trauma stacked up inside these baby boomers that wound up self-medicating their anxiety by projecting an image of their uninjured self into their kids!


Their kids would not be afraid, they would achieve their dreams and they would not be deprived of anything, especially a participation trophy.


Baby boomer parents did such a good job raising their kids to be trusting and loyal, that they almost don't have a mind of their own.  They're so programmed with pleasurable rewards that they are even fighting the social battles their parents told them to, which is good!  The children of baby boomers have some really big hearts and they’re good people.  But where intention is good, so goes the road to hell sometimes, you know. 


Giving everyone a trophy was the wrong message to send to almost an entire generation.  Well intentioned Baby boomers did not understand that equality is not the same thing as equity and they completely messed things up.  If a kid already has 3 trophies and his buddy has none, if you give them both a trophy, nothing equalizes.  Nothing's changed. 


That right there is the heart of the issue where millenials are missing the point.  


Privileged people don't need anymore trophies right now and if they want social progress to happen faster, they should actually be giving their trophies away, as a start...and no, nobody is giving you a trophy for posting the most social justice posts on social media.  All you're going to get from that is some likes from other millenials thanking you for your being just like them.


Millenials seem to want to celebrate openmindedness and diversity by choosing to completely ignore anybody who disagrees with them..but that's not narcissistic or anything right?  They're totally not part of this self-centered narcissist epidemic idea that's been kicking around for a couple of years now...


Of course not. 


They know better than everyone because they learned it all on the internet.


Unfortunately, they don't really understand how the justice system works.  Nor do they really have a good understanding of the intricacies of history that have led our society to where it is, or maybe I'm the one that doesn’t.  I'm a millenial! Don't blame me if I'm off the mark.


Millenials might have to take their privilege card and give it to somebody else, if their mission is to be completed, but here is where millenials seem to really be missing the boat. 
They are basically hippie wanna-bes.  They dress themselves up in expensive clothing that intentionally looks old and call their sense of style more "bohemian".   It's so common to have linen clothing that the rebellious style of hippie's is now what's actually the societal norm, so it's not very rebellious, if you know what I mean.  It's the new normal.

These people are basically privileged bohemians, just like their hippie role models were, but a lot more contrived. 
And the difference is that hippies took a risk by LEAVING their kind, to take a stand for an ideal they believed in.  But today, this hippie stand isn't stepping out anywhere.  There's no risk involved...which means, there's nothing lost.  No sacrifice...

The essence of their cause is entirely weak because millenials have not followed through and truly offered to relinquish their privileged card.

Hippie's burned their privilege card.  They actually helped support the movement by being so much more obnoxious than the actual civil rights protests involved.  They made themselves the enemy and it helped the real civil rights battles less bad.

Could it be that hippies had the right idea all along?  To be this extreme, counterculture annoyance requesting seemingly impossible ideals, making the protests of all the discriminated groups less disruptive by comparison?

Was this a brilliantly stupid devil's advocate move that ended up being critically important to the civil rights movement's success?

Gosh, I don't know if it was intended like that, but hey, if that's what happened.

Right on, you stupid hippies!  You guys were genuises!  

Now, it kind of seems to me like the Middle Class Society are still all about materialism, just expensively dressed like hippies and are quite oppressive, if you consider the degree of censorship they exercise over society.
I'll tell you one thing.  I feel pretty oppressed, since I decided to speak out against the Societal Middle Class and they didn't like it.
It appears the establishment as tricked you, sweet millenials.  They've turned you into the same middle class society, those hippies rebelled against in the 60's.
You've become spoiled conformists in your perfectly staged hippie apparel.  If we were to compare the times, I might say that well-groomed, tailored and clean styling is what actually might be considered non-conformist, in these days.

Think about that, for a moment.
Hippies were rebels vilified by the status quo for being anti-establishment....I have to tell you, I think if you want to be anti-establishment in this day in age, you might need a button up shirt and a couple of moral principles to adhere to.

That'd be rebellious at this time.

Which is why the republican party looks like a bunch retarded hillbillies screaming about deep state and illuminati's. 

Maybe I said retarded to deliberately be a rebel, like the hippies, so I could prove a point about censorship.
I do apologize for saying in that context, but I'm referencing it to make a different point, not to call somebody a derogatory name...and if even trying to do THAT and being very COMMUNICATIVE about my INTENATIONS still fuels flames of outrage and disgust, then I have to tell you. 
You're not leaving much room for these people you complain about to be learners.

Nobody speaks up and tries to learn anything if they're afraid of getting blasted with vitriol and, millenials, you might need to adjust your approach, just a little bit.  If the agenda you're truly trying to create is that of education and of unity.

But, I'm sorry, at this point, your behavior does not match the intention of your goals.  If appears you just want to be right, not ACTUALLY teach people how to change their minds.

You are not providing a safe space for people to learn and to grow.

We instigate people by being so offended by them and pointing fingers about a lack of sensitivity and then allow all this graphic content to float around our pop culture and media.

It doesn't make any sense.

I want the same things as you.  I'm a fighter for justice, just like you...but the fact is, I'm fighting right now to help you understand the ways in which you're NOT HELPING.

How are these conservatives you hate any less delusional than our wild, trippin hippies of the 60's?
Tell me, how??

Maybe we need to let history play out before we start vilifying people.
Maybe we need to learn how to communicate?
Maybe we need to look at history to find the patterns and see what repeats.
Maybe we have to make connections and think outside the box for a minute.
Maybe we have to seek to understand before we seek to be understood.
Maybe we don't know everything like we think that we do and maybe we do.
Maybe when you admit you don't know anything is the only moment that anything is true.



Or maybe I need to watch Forrest Gump again, I don't know.

You see, the reason I think that the societal middle class has flipped and the establishment is tricking them is because this democratic party that's been pretty dominant in recent years has actually been taking the most advantage of the underprivileged and underserved. 
Millenials simply can't bring themselves to see it.


The teacher's unions that are all about democracy?  They're the reason bad teachers are still in schools. 


They're the reason why kids aren't back in schools, too. 


They're the reason underprivileged kids are still underserviced.


And they're the reason incompetent school board members and district administrators have been free to run our public education system into the ground.




How dare I blame the Unions?


Well, I dared.


I won't get into this explanation right now, but it's coming.  Maybe next post.  Maybe not.  Let's get back on track.

Think of equity a little like this.  If you are a teacher and you somehow stockpiled 600 glue sticks in your class over the years but the teacher next door doesn’t have any, because they are new and for equal treatment, each year every teacher is given 30 glue sticks to start the year, even though they don't need them.  What would you do? Remember, it has to be fair and equal or else the union's coming for, you're kind of forced to accept those glue sticks.


But, you're a good teacher, so you take matters into your own hands because you understand how equity is not the same as equality and give the new teacher your 30 glue sticks.  


Now the new teacher went from 30 glue sticks to 60 glue sticks.  Still not equitable resources, but it’s closer...because you don’t get an extra 30 and they do, so they can sell their extra glue sticks on ebay to pay for the prize box prizes they ACTUALLY need instead of gluesticks but aren't considered an essential teaching tool.  If you can't teach without a prizebox you're obviously....Actually nevermind, there I go making  points again.


The fact is, you were doing just fine with the amount of glue sticks you had, but if you wanted to look like an inconsiderate selfish teacher, you’d keep the glue sticks and have 630 which is way too many glue sticks to have in the first place and they will probably dry out anyway. 


But, we have those people out there who don't think like this. They have the unions supporting their view. They've done the work and put the time in.  They EARNED all those glue sticks, God Dammit!  Give them to them, so they can throw them away out of principle!


It's like, come on, for real?  Tell me again how adults aren't actually just fully grown children?  Is there actually a difference?  Sometimes I wonder, but that's not the point.


The point is that dividing resources equally is not the same as dividing them equitably.


That’s the point and it requires a certain degree of cooperation and sacrifice to keep the playing fields a lot more even, if you know what I mean and that playing field is NOT evened out if Millenials don't sign up for OBAMACARE after they VOTED IT IN!


It's doesn't work like that folks and I love that example.


You can have all the vision and strong ideals as you want, but if you don't follow through with your end of the bargain, then all you have is nothing.  Absolutely no progress.  Just arguments and selfies.


By the way, millenials? If you're working under the table on social media as a life coach and you're getting paid through Venmo or Paypal or if you're still living at home with your parents while you're trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, you're probably not making very much money on the books. I have to guess you're not paying much in taxes that support all these social services you're in support of... It's a guess!  I'm not exactly sure...but, I have a hunch.



So, right now we have to stop ignoring the fact that millenials are pretty shamelessly hopped up on narcissism and entitlement, while the truth of their insecurity hides behind filters and lies delivered through social media culture where they’re superior for stepping it up as the social justice authority, since this is the attitude they seem to present themselves with.


I am elder millenial, so I have no problem stepping in as the bossy know it all first born, older sister role here.  Technically you have to listen to me, because that’s life and yes, there has to be a little social heirarchy to keep it structured, ok?  Otherwise society has no backbone, which is kind of where we’re at.


The way I'm seeing things play out in the current Millenial generation social media stampede is that there almost appears to be an unspoken consensus that "it can't be self centered if we're ALL self centered.”  


Do you know what I mean?


It’s like,  ”Come on!  Everybody's doing it!  Don't be shy!  Let's all look at each other and like each other and we'll be popular now!  Everybody's a winner!"


Then here comes the hypocriscy once again, when suddenly they get told that all lives matter and they start to flip out. 


So what is it millenials?  I can't get the story straight.


When does everybody get a trophy and when don’t we?  I just don't think that your logic makes sense to me and as a former liberal millenial, I jumped off the bandwagon because I realized that I started feeling very confused.


Is everybody important or only some? 


Yes, we need to stand up for social justice, but I’m not convinced you’re doing it right, but maybe that’s me.

  />You see, I'm confused mostly because I agree with you.  I agree that we need to stand up for the social issues at hand and yet you don't want to hear me suggest a different way that might work better.  It seems like you prefer getting attention and not actually putting in any real work.


“LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! I’m super open minded and I’m protesting. SEE?!  I’m a good person and if you aren’t doing what I do, you’re the problem and I'm not, because see me! I have so many likes, everybody likes me, so I must be right.”


I'm not trying to be inflammatory when I put it like that, but that's what the kind of subconscious anti-justice social media virus thing that is using millenials to spread their plan looks like on the outside.


Whoa, what did I just cough out?


The virus is working like a charm and millenials don't seem to want to wake up to it, so much so that they freak out and call you a conspiracy theorist if you so much as even come close to criticizing them about something.


Tell me again about how that’s NOT a narcissistic reaction to criticism?  I’m just asking.


Not that they can be blamed.  Millenials were sort of helpless victims in all of this.  They were cast into the role of pioneers of the internet and the only training they got for virtual expansion was the 1990’s Oregon Trail, which was a little outdated, even for the 20th century. 


I guess that's why it only makes sense that they'd catch virtual cholera while they were busy building the networks of the information superhighway with no anti-viral software installed and they started drinking the kool-aid available. Virtual Cholera.


Fortunately, they are not stuck in the plains with a covered wagon and this type of cholera is virtual, so not actually real which means there is also virtual antidote to combat the effects of artificially intelligent Cholera Kool-aid going viral.  


It's called a mirror and reality check.


This reality check is a big deal because right now, we need to focus on the most vulnerable population that these infected millenials are responsible for. Time is pressing because just like co-vid, this virus has been spreading long before we had any idea it existed or knew how it spread. It's been spreading ever since millenails started reproducing. 


Think of it like this; the virus got connected to the host and then it multiplied, just like it's supposed to, without anyone knowing that it was. No symptoms! 


Everything is going as planned and it has to be stopped with a little anti-virus education, which again, is a reality check.


You see what happened is that once Millenials had spent so much time getting acquainted to the internet and technology they found themselves actually starting to get bored. 


All the stuff their parents bought for them and all the places they got to travel to and explore thus validating their globally minded superior self image, began to not satisfy them anymore. These tech savvy but privileged visionairies got bored and started producing their own little kickstarter projects, to keep things interesting. 


The virus that I'm speaking of that infected millenials is located in the dark space of the subconscious mind. 


Yep, that sketchy place. 


What I think is that the virus worked to subconsciously coerce millienials to pledge allegience to Google and Facebook and Microsoft and Apple.


I think the subliminal indoctrination or "discovery call" went a little like this,


"Hey.  Let's see if we might be a good fit to work together. Do you want to have a dream life? Do you want to be free? I've gotta a deal for you.  I can make sure we keep you positioned as the authority of the tech world so you are able to make a ton of money while traveling and working from home. What do you think so far? Would you like that? All you would need to do is start cranking out some little human computers so we can get them hooked on technology when they're like 2 and keep this pyramid business going.



That's it. Even if you just crank out one, you'll still get passive royalties from us for as long as your human computer doesn't explode.  It's a no-brainer! Everyone is doing it!  You'll live a good life and you won't even have to deal with your kids getting in the way of your lives when they start to act up at inconvenient times, like you're parents had to. Nope! You don't have to pay attention to them at all! You just plug them in to the computer and they're off your back! What do you say?!" 


You and us.  Millenials and Tech companies, together, united FOREVER! What do you say? It's a win-win, how can you say no?



Yeah, it's totally a win win alright if you're making a deal with the devil to sell him the souls of your kids. 


What if that's what's going on here?  What if millenials got duped by a terrible artificially intelligent disguise?


All I know is that millenials have been hard at work making the first homemade Human Computers and been marketing them as the iGeneration.


But, the thing is, and this was probably fairly obvious at this point, but these are not actually computers. These products are their kids, right?  The children of millenials.


They came onto the market in 2010 and they’ve been looking at screens ever since.  Haven't you noticed?


This is the situation, so listen up, if you think I might be onto something here.


The name iGeneration came from the year Apple came out with the iPad and Instagram came onto the scene, but Generation Alpha was their official name. 


I think they should be called the 3rdiGeneration, but nobody's quite ready to hear that spirituality pitch, yet.  I’m only two generations away..I can wait.


The Alphas, as their official titles, are the tribal leaders and the digital natives of the 21st century world.  It only fits the generational trending that Generation of Me Me Me would parent the Generation of I. How well played universe, very well played. 


The name iGeneration is so well suited for these times that it means even more than just the iPad to symbolize the essence of the times. 


Are you ready for this?


I stands for the generation of identity, individuality, innovation, internet, interactive, independent, integration, information, inclusivity, intuition, interconnected and more. 


With so many 'i''s generated by a life hooked up to the world wide web, I think all these kids are actually spiders. 


So how are these kids going to see the world with so many eyes?  2020 vision requires Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consideration, Coordination, Co-creation.


And millenials don't think there's some epic plan...have you NOT noticed the symbolism you guys? Holy crap.


So, this is what need to
focus on so that we don’t send our little digital natives off into the jungle with no clarity or vision.
What terrible parents we would be if we didn’t train our spiders right?
I'm going to let this sink in for a bit and then I'll get to work telling you what we're going to do about it, to save the future of the world through our kids.
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