Your Heart Brain Explained


The physical channel to the intuition is through the right hemisphere of the brain and is communicated through the neurons in the heart.  The heart is connected to the Vagus Nerve, which is the way information gets up to the brain!

The heart is where the intuitive force leads you.  The heart speaks to you.  The heart gives you commands that can only be heard if you actively listen.  Following your heart is a proactive and intentional behavior.  It combines your instinct and your mind.

The gut is where the intuitive force alerts you.  It is the warning signal that something is wrong.  The gut gives you information that you have to react to, without taking the time to wonder or decoding what the heart wants you to know.  The gut is all instinct.

If I could draw a picture it would look something like this...this is not perfect and I still have other arcs to bring into the equation, but it's an outline of my thoughts.

I think this way because the human heart is a part of our nervous system.  The Vagus Nerve is the biggest nerve in our body and it is a super highway linked to our brain. The heart has 40,000 neurons of it’s own and just like in the brain, these neurons can sense, feel, learn and remember. They make up the little heart brain.  The organs of our body has a mind and all of these little minds can remember. 

The way you clarify the lines of communication between the heart and the brain is through something called coherence and this is done with the pattern of syncing your heartbeat and breath.
When the two are aligned, your radio system is tuned into the right signal and the quality becomes very clear.  Attunement is when you are able to listen with less static, interference and noise. This clarity allows one to hear the conversation between the heart and the mind. Your radio works. You're connected. You learn how to become aware that the communication highway is there.
For Felicity, Om chanting is very important.  It’s a very disciplined and controlled daily practice that exercises her life force and her mind. 

To Om breathe, you inhale completely and fill up your lungs, expand your belly, pause and slowly release the air, following the timing, tone and flow of the chant. Between each inhale and exhale, you pause in the space.  No movement, just peace and the cycle begins again.
I believe Om breathing is an ideal way to help those who say they try to mediate, but fail to be able to quiet their minds. Om requires attention to timing and tone and rhythm and pace.  It allows you to get lost in the song of your soul.
If you focus on timing yourself to begin to exhale and hum at the right volume, pressure and tone, while gradually releasing the air from your lungs at just the right rate, then squeeze all that is left in your body as you approach the end of the exhale, pause and then quickly fill yourself back up again, pause and go again, magic comes into your world.  It really does work for those who think they can't meditate and yet I know how dorky and woo woo it if you do it, until you feel confident, make sure you are in a completely judgement free space.

The first step to developing your intuition, is simply finding the harmony of your heart and your mind. Breath is the force giving life. It is the light, energy and particle before form. To get control of your mind, first take control of your breath.  From there, the rest of your destiny will start to unfold.


Science shows that the rhythm of our heart affects how we think and feel.

If you look at the images below, you can see that the left side is a place of frustration and the right side is a place of appreciation!


I love to do Om Chanting at 528 hz Frequency to establish heart rate coherence.  Basically, what happens is that when we are babies, we breathe fully into our bellies. As time goes on and trauma and stress mount, we start to breathe more shallow.  We end up becoming chronic hyperventilators!  By taking the time to work on our breath, we are able to re-align our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  This strengthens our Vagus Nerve and increases our vagal tone.

Yup!  Like an exercise!

Your vagus nerve is important because it carries information from your organs to your brain.  It's basically like the internet of your body...pretty cool, right?

The Heart Math Institute is a non-profit company that provides science based tools to aide in strengthening the connection to your heart. Sometimes it helps to have technical support, know what I mean? This is it. These products have been available and on the market for awhile, but hardly anyone knows about them. Take a look and get one step ahead as you strengthen the neural system of your heart and your mind.

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If you are interested in learning more, the Heart Math Institute has released their Master Class for free. It really breaks down the science about the heart and the heart brain. I had NO IDEA that the heart had a heartbrain until a year ago and it's been really interesting to learn about ever since. You should take advantage of this free offer! 

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