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How to Better Manifest your Desires

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
How to Better Manifest your Desires

“When you want something; all the universe conspires for you to achieve it.”


The key to manifesting your desires is being the embodiment of them already.

You have to decide what you want, ask for it point blank and then go about your life as if you've already recieved this desire. 

Plain and simple.

It's basically just walking around with the confidence and inner knowing that God's going to come through for you, so long as you keep the faith and follow his advice.


You gotta strut!

So, if you want to be more abundant, have the same attitude you would have if you were abundant.

If you want to have more love, have the same attitude you would have if you were feeling loved.

If you want to accomplish something, have the same attitude is if you already accomplished it.

It’s about owning your power, but you can’t own it until you’ve REALLY processed the experience in your imagination. This takes some time and a lot of practice. 

What would it really feel like to be financially abundant?  What would change about your demeanor?  Picture yourself, as yourself, going about yourself, but totally abundant.  

You could even picture yourself doing what you did yesterday, but feeling abundant.  What. Was. Different?


Pay attention to that.


Self Awareness is what it is basically becoming aware enough of your feelings that you can imagine them, control them and then FEEL them to enhance manifesting abilities.

You know who was really good at this?  Marilyn Monroe.

She could turn her charisma off and on, just by the attitude she carried in her whole demeanor and presence.  Her body language and facial expressions held her persona.  She could go from incognito to Marilyn in a snap, just by deciding to do so.

Now, yes, there are other little tricks of the trade you can do, too.  It's not all fake it til you make it.

You can do mirror exercises, mantras, journaling, vision boards and all that kind of thing, but in general, you just have to take charge of what you feel from the inside out and NOT the other way around.

It starts with you.

So, whatever you try and do, what you have to understand is that you cannot depend on an external factor to be the catalyst for you making a change in your life and how you experience it.

You have to act first.  You have to shift inside first.  You have to dig deep inside and muster this strength.

You have to decide and then exist.

That's how you manifest.

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