Global CPR: Resuscitating the Truth in Fiction.

 "911, What is your emergency?"

"The World passed out and I can't wake it up.  There's no pulse.  I think we need help."

"Ok Ma'am, we've been getting a lot of calls and help is on the way.  The World is having a Collective Heart Attack and we need you to give it CPR.  Do you think you can do that?"

"I don't know how to perform CPR on the World, can you stay on the phone with me while I do it?"

"No Ma'am, you can do it.  You need to be strong right now.  We need you to pretend that the world wakes up.  You need to pretend to save its life and you need to tell the story of how you saved the world.  It's the only thing you can do until we get there.  Just keep breathing stories into the World.  This is Global CPR,  we need all hands on deck."





We all knew this was coming.  The World was so unhealthy.  Are we really that surprised it's having a heart attack?

It was just a matter of time.
But we can't heal the World in a hospital.  We can't have the World pop a pill.
We have to heal the World from the INSIDE...and the only way inside is to know what lies within.

The heart of the World is made of a story.

Stories are medicine packed in paper.
The panacea of the soul.
To read is to cleanse the spirit and to write is to heal the soul.
When we burn through a world made of words we become like the smoke that shows the truth in the air.

We should be smoking a lot more stories. 


 How do you smoke a story?

You read it.

Novels are like a substance-free high that carry us into the worlds of each other to inspire new dreams and awaken old minds, with no. 

They are the most important natural resource to ever exist because they are the life force of our Conscience, without which we die.

Consciousness itself is a riddle designed for us to discover who authors the world and our life reflects every dimension of intelligence behind that story.  There are mysteries to be known for your soul alone because at one time, you are each word of the story.  Every word carries a thread and all time holds its compass that maps the story for love as it guides an idea into form. 

Writing a novel is exhale our own brand of truth, to present a new world that to be smoked in a mind.  Through this we find the privilege to know what it means to act in the image of God and smoke a story with Him.

This is why each story smells different and we taste different flavors.  Every story is laced with hidden meaning to awaken the senses in their own unique way, a hand that stretches into your soul to awaken a voice within that needed to be felt by those words only to be translated and heard. 
The creation of stories carry us into a stream of wordlessness that flows beyond our conscious mind to find medicine and healing in the space that existed before and beyond any words.  They organize infinity as a linear function and orders chaos on the predictable arc of a story.   This is the path of synchronicity, where we inhale drama and exhale truth.  To follow this path we press our ears to the chest of God to hear the beat of his heart and ride the air in His lungs.
Stories are alive inside the body of creation.
They are God's legacy in words and He uses our senses as mediums to build his kingdom. 
We prepare his dwelling place with... 
Flavor as the medium of taste.
Aroma as the medium of smell.
Light as the medium of sight.
Feeling as the medium of touch.
Sound as the medium to hear.
Intuition as the medium for Truth
Truth as the medium for Love
Love as the medium for Christ
Christ as the medium for God
God as the medium for Words
Words as the medium for Stories

Heaven is the dream of God and the World, but the world is dying.  Love is coming to save the body, but we have to keep the story alive until help arrives.

Smoking a story is standing vigil in the story of how God saved the world.
It's CPR time, calling 911 keeps the story alive.