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Global CPR: How Reading Fiction Will Resuscitate All Consciousness

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Global CPR: How Reading Fiction Will Resuscitate All Consciousness
Creative Writing is humanity’s most precious resource.
A novel is a portal to new worlds, new dreams and a new mind.
Existence is within the imagination of the universe.
This is why literature is so essential to life.  Everything that is and ever was came first as an idea in someone’s mind.  So, most certainly, consciousness existed before form.

Penning a novel is presenting a world that you created within your mind. As an 
author, you are acting in the image of God.  How the story is told depends mostly on the point of view of a character, or by some other omnipresent force.  The director behind the lens of the camera, capturing the scene and documenting it through the code we call words.
Anyone can author a story, so everyone can work with the force.  Everyone has the capacity to work in the presence of God, the word for the absolute source.  This is what is meant by questioning the distinction between the will of God, with the will of man.  Do we have any control through free will?  Or is destiny dictated by God?
What if I told you that life was already written as a chose your own adventure type story, and reality exists in 2nd person narration.  This is the consciousness of your mind.  This is where reality is formed.

On a very basic level, consciousness is a relationship between your self and God.  Your self reacts to God with the influence of two spirits.  The selfish spirit and the selfless spirit.  You decide which spirit weighs in most in your life.  God will always be God, because the story is done, but how you get to the end is determined by you.
This is why I always say, “do it for the story” when I make a decision.  I think it’s always better to chose an adventure then chose something that’s a bore.  You just have to trust you are safe.
You see, creative writing is the mysterious fabric of existence written with secret messages from the universe.  The thread of this fabric is designed to be inferred using the riddle of symbols and code.  Inference is not that different from intuition.  To infer, is to go beyond the author's word to understand what is NOT said in the text.  To intuit is to go beyond what is seen in the world to understand what is not seen.  Intuiting is knowing without proof of words.

Inferring and Intuiting are both one in the same.

This is why you can find a different meaning or theme, each time you open up the world of a great story. The symbolism speaks out a truth in your soul that needed words to be translated and heard.  Stories help you explore the depth of the wordless ocean that flows within your subconscious mind.  They guide you closer to truth by bringing inner beliefs to the surface of your consciousness to identify and resolve.

Creative writing and reading fiction are essentials for healing your soul.

Figurative language and word play are magic and they dance to a harmonious tune. Novelists must also be conductors of a cadence by a establishing rhythm, repetition, pattern and tone.   A lyrical heartbeat that thumps chapter after chapter, each one in sync with the next.
Novels actualize the infinite quality of existence by ordering chaos and drama into the predictable arc of a story.  The breath of universe is what gives life to a story, for you.  Inhale the drama, then exhale the truth.  This is why the story of the universe lives is existence forever.
The Book of Life is what creation actually is.
Immortality is to be the author of your own story and the mind of an author lives forever in the legacy left with their words.
You are both the author and the hero of your story, but to live a great story you also need to collaborate with the universe.
You are supposed to enjoy writing your story by using all the different mediums being human offers your soul. To live is the ultimate creation and our senses produce the ultimate art.

These are the tools to build a castle in heaven.

Flavor as the medium of taste.
Aroma as the medium of smell.
Light as the medium of sight.
Feeling as the medium of touch.
Sound as the medium to hear.
Intuition as the medium for Truth
Truth as the medium for Love
Love as the medium for Christ
Christ as the medium for God
God as the medium for Words
Words as the medium for Stories

Literature is the key to the doorway to heaven.  It is truly the portal to the beyond because it allows people to be told how to intuit and to intuit means you can communicate directly with God.
If you aren’t taught how to read, you don’t know that you can’t. If you aren’t taught how to talk to God, you won't know that it's possible either.
We need to read to strengthen our relationship with God and our relationship with God is intuition.
Literature is the satelite between the concrete and abstract, rationalism and imperialism, left brain and right brain, finite and infinite. It is a blending of worlds where there is structure, order and rules and yet freedom for the reality formed on the page to be contextual, subjective and up for interpretation.
We are living in the middle of that world, right now.
The truth we are waking up to is that a dissonance between science and spirituality does not really exist. The two have been secretly married since the beginning of time. 

Humanity has been asleep for awhile, fortunately many are starting to wake back up.
Reality is just a dream within a dream, in a dream.
And if you feel fear in a dream, that's a nightmare and it’s time to wake yourself up out of hell.
Surely at a time like these, we all need a break from the reality. The world is giving us that break, as predicted by many fictional texts.  It’s proof that the story is already written.
Seek the wisdom of your favorite novelists now. They had the vision before anyone else could see.  Slow down, explore the world inward.
Use this time to tap into your imagination. Go deep down into the depths of your heart. There’s a heavenly world in there for you to explore. When do that, you will find a treasure, so please bring back whatever truth it is that you find and share it your own way with the world.
The heart beat of the world has been flat lining and in a way co-vid is humanity’s collective heart attack. We all need to perform CPR. So, get a book, good down deep and give your heart a pump. If we all do that, a moral humanity might be revived and a world better that we ever imagined can be restored.

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