The Gospel of Felicity; The Spirit of Mary Magdalene Redefined?
Mary Magdalene - Jesus Christ - Twin Flames - Divine Feminine - The Gospel of Mary - Felicity's Bliss
Mary Magdalene - Jesus Christ - Twin Flames - Divine Feminine - The Gospel of Mary - Felicity's Bliss
Mary Magdalene - Jesus Christ - Twin Flames - Divine Feminine - The Gospel of Mary - Felicity's Bliss
This is going to sound crazy, I know and I understand so bare with me.  It's simply the truth of my story.  It all started when I was a little girl.  I had this feeling inside me that I was going to prove God exists somehow with an argument.  I have no idea why I thought this about myself or even why.  It's just this idea that has always loomed in my head.  I know that's weird.

I never considered myself to be spiritually gifted.  It just seemed like I had unusual luck.  It wasn't until I got older than I became a bit more curious because there comes a point when you start to notice your life is not statistically possible.  It's hard to explain what this feels like to a person who has never felt it before.  You just get this sense that something else is going on that isn't normal.  It's like trying to describe a color to somebody born blind.  There's no words that could do that and be true.
The universe operates with specific signs that direct us towards the truth.  If you learn how to recognize them they become easy to see.  The closer you get to the truth, they get stronger.   Warmer and warmer, stronger and stronger, until the truth finally has nowhere to hide.

So here is a little list of evidence that Felicity could use to build her case that the truth is that all is Divine. 

Premise: Mary Magdalene was the twin flame of Jesus Christ....and she's back as a fictional character Felicity, sent through the internet clouds to share the story and unite all humanity with love.

1.)  My grandmother wrote a story about my birth in Reader's Digest called "When Love Begins Again." It was the first title listed on the cover and it came directly after a feature about the story of Christ.  If we live in a world that understands consciousness, that means my birth is something experienced and stored somewhere in the collective conscious or unconsciousness of millions American people.  Not everyone can say something like this.
2.) My father's name was John Christian, which seems trivial now, until more details are brought into the light...

3.)  I was hit by a car with my mother when I was 2 months old in Rockport Massachusetts and landed face down on the pavement 20 feet away from the crash.  I had been wrapped twice into a snuggly that was strapped to the chest of her body.  The car bounced her repeatedly for 3 telephone poles and I was eventually ejected.  There were 6 witnesses.  The driver was an elderly man who had turned a corner and was driving into the sun.  You know those times when the sun is just so and it's really, really, really impossible to see?  It was that.  How I survived?  I don’t know.
4.) I fell out of a 3 story window when I was 5 years old and was caught by the ankles and pulled back inside by my mother's boss.  It was a hot night and I was sitting in the windowsill coloring.  It is the most vivid memory I have in my life.  Time slows down when you are in moments like that. Every second feels like an hour and I remember thinking about how the odd it was that the screen had landed crooked on the sidewalk.  I also remember the tell of red bricks scrolling up my face, for what felt like an hour.
5.) While at the Sheraton near the airport in San Diego, for the first time in my life I prayed to God to ask for his will for me to be presented knowing full well that it was better to ask God for that.  I knew his plans for me would be better than anything I could possibly imagine asking for myself.  I met the father of my children that night.  I did not discover Theosophy until 13 years later.
6. My first address in San Diego was 3331 Luna Avenue and I still live on Luna Avenue.
7. The last 4 digits of my cell phone number happen to be my favorite number, 3 and my birthday 729.  This is minor, but weird.
8. Astrologically speaking, the Sun, Moon and Venus all fall under the constellation Leo.
9. I miscarried my first pregnancy and was pregnant again immediately after. The doctor and nurse couldn’t believe it, nor could I.  I joked that it was a miraculous conception. Then my son ended up being born on Christmas Day.
10. On the same day of signing a deal with a woman who carried the same essence of my grandmother, a letter I had mailed to her resurfaced after 6 years.  This letter wound up having a different woman's address label covering my return address.  She had the initials Mary M.  Upon googling her, I found that her husband had died a year prior on my birthday.  I knew without knowing her, how he died.  When I reached out to this woman, she shared that two psychics had given her a similar message.  It turned out, she was from the same hometown of Quincy Massachusetts as my grandmother had been, to whom I wrote the letter.  The words of this particular letter were symbolic of homecoming and unconditional love.
12.)  Upon taking a meditation teacher course through Deepak Chopra, I learned that his mindfulness center was located just 20 minutes away, though set to relocate in several months.  Upon driving to a wedding on the wrong day, I would up stopping by and unknowingly accepting a job with Carrie Prejean Boller, who then went on to work on President Trump's Advisory Board for his 2020 campaign.  On this same day, I was introduced to studying Kabbalah.
13.) I created an alter-ego and a story about a superhero from another world named Felicity who was sent here to unite all humanity with compassion and love...and then realized through the writing of the story that I had been documenting a re-birth into Christ experience without having realized it.
14.) The final part of my awakening journey had to do with a business called Don’t Die Wondering whom introduced me to my friend Sam who I think is an angel sent to finish my conversion to the truth, so nobody has to die wondering anymore.
15.) Felicity’s bliss aims to bring heaven down from the clouds to earth.
16.) Christ returns to earth through the clouds...maybe this is through the internet clouds and maybe Felicity has something to do with it.