Finding Felicity 101; The Building Blocks of the Human Experience

Felicity's Bliss has always had one very simple philosophy about life: All people deserve to feel happy.


This doesn't get into rights and laws and this and that.

It's very cut and dry.  At the core of core and the heart of hearts and at the very basic level, every other basic human right essential ensures that all humans have the right to feel.....


Wait a second!?  No one ever told me that I had a RIGHT to be HAPPY!

Well, it's true.  It's actually at the foundation of your human experience.
Research from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology of Glasgow suggests, key word, suggests, that there are 4 primary emotions that relate to the human condition.  This would be like the 3 primary colors are red, blue and yellow.  What they found is that that 3 of these 4 primary human emotions are what we consider to be negative emotions...and I have a problem with this logic.

You can't have 3 out of 4 be negative and call them "Foundational Emotions."

There's no stability there!
  It's lop-sided in the negative direction.
Felicity thinks there is ONE Foundational  human emotion and the other 3 are the ones we have to conquer in order to get to the's just a theory.
Hear me out.
The 3 emotions are Fear, Anger and Sadness.

Those sound a lot like emotional blocks, but what do I know?  I'm just in the personal development business, so who knows.

The one positive emotion this research suggests as part of the original foundational 4 is....drum roll please.


Hey, that sounds like Felicity!  Her definition is Intense Happiness after all and we all know intense happiness is the same thing as Joy!
She must be on to something with this happiness and finding your Felicity thing.

Doesn't that sound a lot like finding Felicity?  I think so!
This means that if we don’t consciously try to find our Felicity, which means explore what makes our life satisfying then we risk living a life oppressed and dominated by the other, less positive emotions....I mean, it's 3 to 1..what would you expect?

This is why we need to beef up our Happiness emotion.  We need to feed it, pay attention to it, love it up!
If not, we will end up missing out on a huge part of life!
When we are caught up in stress, to-do lists and being super scheduled and busy, it becomes all too easy to miss the beauty, awe and mystery that fills the world all around us.  We lack presence.  When we are present and welcoming feelings of joy, our whole physical body benefits, especially our heart and our minds.  In fact, happy people actually have less chances of having a heart attack, lower cholesterol, decreased stress and lead longer lives when they are happy!
In a world that seems more and more out of control and we are thirsting for something more and craving happy, Felicity establishes a well that you can drink from again and again. When you find your Felicity, you stop drinking from other people's happiness well, because you have your own to tap into whenever you want.

Felicity's is simply this.  Writing, learning, sharing information and making connections.  

Finding Felicity is like tapping into the fountain of youth and just by tapping into this infinite source of happiness, you can constantly refill your cup to be fueled with a love for life, anytime you want.  Just by accessing this love for life, it acts like grace for you to defend the life of those around you.

When you are graced with unconditional love, you sprinkle that glitter on everyone you touch.

You don't have to do anything more but just live, just as you are, in pure and unlimited happiness because if you take yours eyes off the outside and you focus on the inside world and fix it up in there, you might just look up when it's over and see that the world at large is a much more beautiful place.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

That's the secret of everything.
It’s Time to Find your Felicity
Finding your Felicity is a bit like remembering who you are and returning home.  What is interesting about this is that it's not a destination we seek and find.  It's a home we create within ourselves, something we can always access and add on to, should we desire.

Joy is when we fall in love with the experience of life.  You have to let yourself get there, you have to fall.

Life is a trust fall...'s Felicity's Bliss.