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Felicity’s Scale

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Felicity’s Scale



I sort of adapted this scale to what I resonate with...and it might still change a bit. The point is, I want you to picture neutrality being the start. Do you see the line attaching the spirals on the double helix? You will notice it is half red and half blue. Neutrality starts in the middle of THAT line.

Now, one of those spirals leads upwards. The other one leads downwards.

Your mission is to climb the ladder to heaven. You might teeter back and forth in one rung for your whole life. Do not go your whole life without ever getting all the way to enlightenment. Every single time you do, you step up the next rung and are closer to heaven. I could even paint a more adult like picture to this concept, but I will tread lightly. Enlightenment is like a euphoric explosion of your mind, if you can read between those lines. Metaphors. Everywhere. I am speaking figuratively at certain times to illustrate a concept.

Now, this emotional scale gets more powerful the higher or lower you go. This means that when you are vibrating with passion, you are attracting more of that type of thing. If you are vibrating with shame, you attract more of that type of thing.

We go through this process often, all the time and sometimes, we don’t get pulled all the way down the vortex and no progress is made. Sometimes you do and step down towards the negative. Sometimes you don’t swirl all the way up to the enlightenment and no progress is made, but sometimes you do and you get a step closer to heaven.

The more you keep yourself vibing with enlightenment, the faster you climb up those rings of the ladder. You want to hit enlightenment as much as humanly possible. Day after day after day and sometimes it takes work, but don’t stop.

This is why consistency, balance, reflection, determination, self compassion and personal development are key for producing success.

You can imagine this one any scale that you like. That little straight line ladder rung could be a day, an intersection, a conversation, a year, a life time. Who knows!? You pick the scale, it runs the same either way.

The code has already been laid out. It is done. It’s our job to run up the ladder and flip on all the lights.

If everyone learns how to flip on all their light switches then all the darkness is gone....but we will save epi-genetics for another time.

Just trying to point out connections. I will try to explain this better tomorrow. ✌️

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