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Dumb Blonde Fraudsters

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Dumb Blonde Fraudsters

"Is this Chicken what I have or is this fish?"

If you don't think Jessica Simpson knew exactly what she was doing right there, then you are out of your God Damn mind because that woman is a BILLIONAIRE right now.


I love to be underestimated.


In fact, I don't understand why anyone would ever want to be taken seriously because you can't catch people falling off their game like that.


You want to get their guard down, then strike when the moment is right

That's how the dumb blondes do it. 

Ask Marilyn.

That dumb blonde?  People treated her like she was as dumb and ditzy as the characters she played for her entire life and she let them, because she was no fool. 

In fact, she got assassinated because she was too damn smart and extracted too much information that way.  Her death was an inside job by a secret intelligence operation in collusion with the Federal Government. 

She got found out.

 It's a dangerous job being a Dumb Blonde Fraudster, but it's also a calling because God favors blondes.


They're his best secret agents, because nobody ever sees them coming.



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