Life in the Escape Room
Life is like one giant escape room, set in a world where technically there are no rules, except the ones from God we chose to ignore sometimes and then the ones we make up for ourselves.  Whatever we do gets recorded in the Akashic Records and if we don’t complete the mission, we all have to come back and do another round.
Picture it like this.

The universe divides you up in different teams.  The goal of your team is to advance everyone in your unit into eternal life in heaven as quickly as possible.  So, you put all your soul heads together and come up with a plan, but the trick is that everyone also has a backstory and the backstory will have a ripple effect depending on the relationship between one another.

"Ok Anne, this time you're going to be the matriarch and Caitlin is going to be Claire's daughter even though last life Caitlin was Claire's mom and you were Claire's daughter.  Caitlin's the closest one to closing out her karmic debt and she's clever so if we can get her cashed up into the eternal spiritual realm, she'll be a HUGE asset to have behind the scenes intervening while we work to get everyone else to cross. 
Now, how can we consolidate a lifetime's worth of trauma to sort through and overcome at a young age?  Alright, let’s do this. Chris, you're going to be her dad this time.  You're good at that role.  But this time, you're going to have to take one for the team and kill yourself right after moves across the country with a person she has known for 6 days, gets pregnant and has a baby.  Then we'll make sure she has a couple of miscarriages, we'll give her cancer, cut out her uterus, Anne, you'll die and then we'll really knock her socks off when she finds out her boyfriend has been a habitual cheater and subsequently abandons her completely to raise two children on her own...oh yeah, also when she's almost done and she thinks she’s about to make it out the tunnel and into the light, we'll make her think she is having a spiritual awakening and that she’s become a psychic while we’re actually just unleashing a nervous breakdown where she'll quit her job in the middle of a global pandemic, become a born again Christian, decide she’s the reincarnated Mary Magdalene meant to prove God exists AND THEN she’ll join an alien cult."

Meanwhile, Caitlin is just standing there going, "are you sure that's not too many things?  What if I catch a demon and tap out early? Then I'll have WAY too much karmic debt to make up and I'll never be able to help any of you other people.  There's got to be a better plan."

But, the team says, "No.  This is how it has to be, so just don't tap yourself out.  Here, hold this bible.  You can use this to get you through.  We'll get you baptized early.  We'll get you all hooked up protection and shields.  You'll be fine.”
And in her head, Caitlin’s like, “Screw you people.  If I’m doing this, I get to be the queen of Heaven and none of you get to come because this is bullshit.” 

And then there is a team huddle and all the actors take their positions, waiting to incarnate themselves into the game.