Define Heaven
I love a good story, which is why my life motto can best be summarized with the phrase, "Do it for the story."  It means it all else fails, at least you were brave and have a good story to tell.  Taking the safe route is boring and nothing magic ever comes, so I say, no matter, anything you do should be done for the story.  Chase your magic, leave no stone unturned, give yourself permission to be fiercely unrealistic and be safe in the comfort of God's Word.

He's got you.  Trust Him.  He won't let you fail.  He might let you sink to the bottom, but we won't let you fail.  He takes his strongest ones into the most darkness because he knows that their darkness is half the amount of light they can hold.



-Fully Charged Earbuds 

-No Dirt, Dust, Sand or Animal Fur on Floors

-Sweat Free

-Itching doesn't exist

-Laughter is currency

-Sunburns are impossible

-Self Shaving Legs


-Tree House or Cave House

-You can eat anything you want and never gain weight

-Indecent thought muter for the singularity

-Disposable Socks

-Pumpkin Spice is banned because it's Demonic

-Sami's never allowed to sleep so I can talk to him whenever I want

-I am always right