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Crazy People Don't Think That They're Crazy

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Crazy People Don't Think That They're Crazy

It’s official, the world has completely lost it’s mind.  You know that, right?


It’s not you.


It’s the World.
The reason I know it’s the world is because I feel like I have completely lost my mind, but I haven't because


"Crazy people don't think that they're crazy,"
therefore by definition, I am not.


It’s really that simple.  


Historically, mental health has been determined by the major consenus of reality at the time.  If you didn't think and behave the way most everyone else did, then you were nuts.  Before western philosophy things were pretty cut and dry.  But now we actually have morals, ethics and definitive guidelines regarding sanity which is why rational thought as the major condition for a sane mind brings to question the use of the crazy label when the majority consensus of reality has actually begun acting irrationally and completely insane....but they refuse to acknowledge it because there are too many of them, they all agree with each other, are protected by democratic rule and they totally out number the sane people.

It's freaking Hitler scary shit...and they don't see it, but a few of us do.
Today, psychologists are still trying to identity what exactly sanity is and how to describe the overall status of mental health in a population.
Sane is generally considered to be one who is rational, which means they can make decisions based on objective reasoning and intellectual thinking rather than emotion, which is a better way of evaluating cognitive abilities than majority rule as evidenced by the status of the World's current mind.


The combination of the Pandemic, Social Unrest, a Presidential Election, Main Stream Media Propaganda, Big Tech Censorship and Global Economic Uncertainty has the world so emotionally triggered that it has become completely incapable of rational and unbiased thought.  
The major consensus of reality is completely unreasonable and Insane, by definition.
What's interesting about all of this is that despite a fairly articulate description of sanity, there is a minority group of people who have been mislabeled "insane" by the major consensus of reality because they are considered to be Conspiracy Theorists


Since their perspective does not agree with the major consensus, they've been subjected to the previous diagnostic criteria of insanity by both the Federal Government and Society in general, which is technically unreasonable and insane for them to do since Conspiracy Theorists do not actually qualify for the label insane, and are arguably more sane and rational than those who are responsible for mislabeling them.


Basically, what has happened is the World tipped upside down and the majority who used to be the sane ones are now, completely insane, so much so that they absolutely no idea and completely flip out if you suggest the possibility.  If you are a rationale, this is rather alarming to witness when you consider that the consensus of reality has political majority control and they are insane
It's a freak show.


Meanwhile, the minority that used to be considered insane (even though they weren't) are still considered by the majority of (insane people), to be insane, which is like a double negative, ultimately proving their sanity.  A logic based argument doesn't get more reasonable than that, not to mention it's almost impossible for emotion to be involved in the thought process of the Conspiracy Theorist minority, because they've already made peace with how frustratingly numb society is and they don't really care if they majority thinks they are insane, because they know they are wrong and that's how intelligent, reasonable, unemotional, confident, independent and sane they are. 


So, that's what it is.  We are living through the turn of the tides and it's going to take a couple of minutes for the majority of the world to get it's shit together and stop being so emotionally triggered and self-centered.


On the bright side, as a Conspiracy Theorist myself, I'd like to revel in my elite privilege as the sane and reasonable minority for as long as I can.  If feels like for once I get to be a part of an exclusive club that has intellectual status for integrity as opposed to secretly joining a cult that warrants magical thinking and family intervention, even though technically they are the exact same group of people.


It's a perspective shift, that's all and hey, there is nothing wrong with feeling validated as human for once.  It's kind of nice after all these years of being the odd ball, to walk with a little extra pep in our step.  I kinda like it...and I think it's actually a right of passage for a being human that should be available to all at one point or another, don't you think?


It should be considered a Human Right to not be made to feel like you are crazy just because you don't adhere to the behavioral expectations and beliefs of the social majority.  It's arrogant and rude, especially when time moves forward and it's revealed that those people had the right idea all along...


Food for thought right there.
Unfortunately we know that as the story goes, the glory won't last because the tide will ebb as the majority returns to its senses again slowly and the Outside the Box thinking Conspiracy Theorist Sane minority will recede back to their most comfortable home in the insanity pool because life for the minority with the majority, is not where these type of people belong, because they might not be as human, as they've been made to be.

Perhaps they are here from another world with a purpose, to be the cause of the change in the tide, but I suppose we'll never know;
until we know what exactly it means to be human.


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