You Speak Intuitive, Right?

Quick Question:

You Speak Intuitive, Right?

If you're curious about what this enlightenment thing is like, I can help.

How would I describe life as an intuitive, you ask?

It's kind of feels like you're always tripping on mushrooms, but you've never done mushrooms and you have to call your regular friends to make sure you're not schizophrenic, yet.

"Hey, do you remember when that homeless guy came out of nowhere and started digging through the trash can? When he was giving me that message, we were speaking English to each other, right?"

Once you start to discover that you're basically living in a movie, you can never NOT feel like everyone you meet's an actor in the Truman Show....and you're Truman.
At least that's how I feel anyway, but I can't speak for everyone.

I would describe most of us as being kind of like fire flies buzzing around everywhere and blinking our lights to signal other fire flies to see if they can come help us figure out how to get higher in the air and make a brighter light.
  Once in a while, we have to come down and touch the ground to charge the Earth with our electricity and drink some water.  Sometimes we'll do something normal like catch up with friends or go shopping, but shortly after that we’re back up in the air again flying around.


That is honestly what it is like and it does feel like we're the luckiest magical creatures on Earth.  Miracles and the unthinkable happen all the time, it's really, really fun, actually.

I don't understand why everybody doesn't want to hang out with us all the time.
I would.
It's like living in the middle of Disneyland without the all the singing and the rides.  Yeah, that's right.  You get to walk around with us all day long while we point out hidden cameras and explain to you that everything we see is an illusion.

Who wouldn't love to do that? Question Mark.


I'm joking, we're not really like that, but we are hopeful & we do believe in happily ever after.


We are a rare breed and spiritual gifts are pretty mentally and emotionally taxing, so we tend to find the most comfort in those who came through the same tunnel as us because it feels like we are finally close to home. 


Spiritual friendships are effortless.  When we release ourselves into the flow of synchronicity presented to us, life becomes almost effortless, too.  Strangers start showing up that you've known a thousand times before and every one them hands you a clue that helps you to remember where you came from and who you are.  Reality is never more clear when you meet someone who speaks the same spiritual language as you.
(I think they're called soulmates.)

Imagine being an Intuitive and calling your Cosmic friend and saying,
“Oh my God, has the energy been as intense for you these days as it has been for me?  I can’t even function.  It’s like they put something in the air, I don’t know.  What’s going on right now and when’s this going to be over?”


And without missing a beat she says,
“Same here, I haven’t left my house.  Did you see the clouds today?  They’re dropping chems. The weather in the Astral Plane has been pretty severe because there was a big Solar Flare three days ago and the energy waves are just now making it to us.  Also, Mars is about to go into retrograde under Scorpio on the 14th.”


And you’re just like,
But also notice how liberating and amusing it is for such a strange conversation to flow so naturally, as if it's real.  Because it's real! 
Spiritualists need each other to validate reality.


We know things.  We find patterns everywhere and we are really good at predicting what’s going to happen, because of them. 
We also understand people, emotions and personality traits and get the scoop on all kinds of cutting edge healing technologies like the Harmonic Egg, Sonic Healing Chambers and the Heartmath Institute. 
We know what’s coming...but you might *not* know, so check it out.


It's not all sunshine and roses though.  We often find ourselves leaning on each other about how to handle our feelings about the others who think that we’re ignorant because they don’t understand our abilities or have the advanced knowledge in historical, geological, cosmic, metaphysical and mystical studies that we do.


It hurts our feelings that they doubt our intelligence because we are conscious humans and we aren’t respected.   We try not to let other people who lack a openness to understanding get under our skin, but sometimes we do end up gravitating away from people because we get tired of not being able to express ourselves without being told that we’re unrealistic..we know what we are!  (And dismissing our bright ideas brings out the dark).


There is not exactly a college degree that covers the type of wisdom we’ve acquired, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t done our homework and we’re not high achievers.   This is the University of Life!   The most adept spiritualists carry a vast amount of knowledge from all different academic fields and mystery traditions.
Every single one of them has been highly intelligent. 
In fact, Spiritual Intelligence is the highest form of intelligence. 
Einstein said so and you can’t really argue with that....or can you?  
(Are we not playing the Einstein card anymore?)  


Doesn’t matter, we’re still holding space for you.  But, sometimes we are disappointed that you don’t think energy healing modalities are real because we’re really excited about them and want you to be too, so we can help you.  You forget that we are not only trained to read energy and vibrations, but naturally gifted with that ability, too.  So, we see you at levels you have never even seen your own self.  We’re intuitive.  We pick up on things and read between the lines. 
That’s our skill.
We understand that you might not like that we can read you so well or know you better than you know your self, but that’s just who we are. 
We aren’t judging you and we try not to pick up on your vibes but it’s really hard and sometimes we can’t help it.  
We’re sorry if we make you defensive. 
We vibe high.


We understand that it’s not easy to be open to this type of thing if you were not already born spiritually sensitive or inclined to learn about things that go unseen, but since we are patient, loving and attuned, we know that very soon, your beloved SCIENCE is going to present you with evidence that all of these lovely little things we know are true.  In fact, many healing tools are already available for you to improve your health and well-being that just aren’t here in the United States or being advertised through our mainstream media outlets.
We understand that some of us have given you the impression that alternative healing therapies encourage people to reject regular medical care which is crazy.  If any spiritual or healing practitioner has given you that impression then I can speak for all of us who know what we’re doing and say that we don’t recommend you continue seeing that person
They’re not giving you advice that is in the highest good.

We strive for UNITY of Science and Spirituality.  We want to work IN TANDUM to make quantum leaps in the field of health and wellness.  
This isn’t a battle of he said, she said, damn the man or bang the drum. 
This is about coming together as humans who are experts in our lane.  It’s about putting our heads together so we can work together to find a way to lift our whole world to the next level. 
I call it 5D, you call it the 21st Century and we call it United as One.

If your vibe is a little low right now, it might be hard to see the light,


...We are the light.