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Spirituality is a Gift to us as a Birth Right for Being Human.

By :Caitlin Stivaletta 0 comments
Spirituality is a Gift to us as a Birth Right for Being Human.

Spirituality is not Religion.

Spirituality is a gift to us as a birth right for being human.  It allows to access the path that is connected to our true self.
Spirituality as Natural Law is accessed through our Intuition.
The reason the moral fabric of our society has deteriorated is because we have failed to provide teachings that allow people to access the sound of their inner voice.
We've created a society based on the premise that people need to behave a certain way so that they don't get in trouble as opposed to a society based on the premise that people need to behave a certain way because it's the right thing to do.
The Golden Rule.
The intention behind how we percieve human nature is backwards.
This is why society has lost it's moral compass.
This is how people can act with no conscience.
This is how well intentioned and good hearted people can be wrong.
If the intuitive channel is blocked, human beings can't hear the voice that is meant to guide their behavior down the right path.
Yes, there is rightness and wrongness.

Yes, there is only one path to the Truth.
There are many paths that lead to the same place and from this place, there are two ways to go and you have to decide.
I picked Christ as the truth.

One of the hardest things for me to try and explain to myself is that I'm spiritual and I believe in Christ, but I'm not religious.

I know.  It's like, way to paint reality exactly as you see fit Caitlin.  It's ALMOST like saying, "I'm rational, I believe in science, but I wouldn't touch that vaccine with a 10 foot pole." Or, "I'm earthy, organic and spiritual.  I think man tries too hard to intervene with nature, but I'm totally

It's not a very reasonable statement, do you know what I mean?  And yet, it's a statement.  So it is a position we take, it's not just easy to explain because it's basically picking and choosing what we want from a schmorgasboard of information and loading it up on own plate.

Is it okay to be doing that?  I don't know.

Sometimes I think absolutely, but other times I think we're supposed to pick one system and operate within that.

Life is confusing!

I can't tell you how many internal battles I have on a regular basis trying to justify my thought processes about basically everything...


 The way I try to justify my being a spiritual, non-religious believer of Christ goes a little like this...


Good Caitlin: "Yeah, it's true, you 'get it' and totally understand what is so brilliant about Jesus and what it all means, that's amazing...but you're supposed to do the other shit too, Caitlin and you're not doing it."

Stubborn Caitlin: "I physically can't bring myself to read the bible until I read other things first.  I also can't commit to church.  It's out of my domain of expected behavior.  It would be so unlike me to go to church."

Good Caitlin: "Exactly.  That's your problem."

Stubborn Caitlin: "I know!  I totally know that you are right and I don't know what my problem is or what's holding me back from just sucking it up and doing the whole organized religion 'christian' thing.  I don't know why I can't do it.  I'm failing at life!"


I'm being silly, but that's how it is and it's frustrating!

I don't trust organized religion and I also don't really trust the translations of the bible necessarily.  I just feel like I can't completely rely on it as absolute truth.


All I can really know about truth is what I feel in any given moment.  So, I guess the proof for what truth is for me, spirituality is how much I love the story of Jesus and the confidence I have in my relationship with God.  To me, that's confirmation enough for me about what it means to be true.

I talk to God regularly and he has answered me, specifically by sending feelings.  These confirmations reinforce my faith and that's what I have to go by.  The gut feelings.  I have felt the magic of the holy spirit fill me and it was really powerful.  It was meaningful and I can't live in a world where there is an absence of meaning.  I feel the world too deeply than to accept an absence of meaning as fact.

That's why it seems to really bother me that we've been led to believe that you have to be religious to be spiritual.

You say religion and it turns people off and I understand why.  It's basically the cause of all the ills in the world.

Religion got hijacked and tainted by a hunger for power and control.  The evils of the world ruined religion and gave spirituality a bad name, which is exactly what it was supposed to do.  

Of course Religion had to be infected with evil, so that eventually it would self destruct on it's own.  That's how cancer works.  It kills things from the inside out, but converting and multiplying the cells.

What a clever way to try and get humans to avoid seeking access to God...don't you think?

It's very sinister and well played, but I caught onto it.

I hope everyone catches onto it.

If I were the enemy of God, I would try to convince the whole world that God didn't exist.

It doesn't get more obvious than that, do you know what I'm saying?

Put yourself in the mind of the enemy...


Let's put it this way.

Spirituality is a birth right.

It is the gift of being born human.

The tragedy of existence is in being gifted with life but being denied the magic of knowing our truth.

Think about that.  How big of a lie are we being told if we can't even realize that the most fundamental right of every human should be that all human beings have the right to know their true self.

You cannot access the truth in your heart without a spiritual path leading you in the right direction. 


This is why I have a problem with secularism and science, to a certain extent, which makes me look like an ignorant fool.

Sometimes I can't even believe things I think sometimes, but you know what?

Maybe I am a fool and if I am, I'd like to know that.  Maybe I'm not and if I'm not, I'd like to know that, too!  I don't really care what I am, I just want to KNOW what I am, which is different.

At least I am honestly searching and at least I am brave enough to admit that I don't know and have questions.

I don't know why I can't shake the feeling that I need people to listen to me. 

I think I'm on the right track with what my perspective on spirituality and I just hope it helps one or two people start to look at the world know? 

Take a step back.

Stirring the pot is one of the things I'm good at..someone has to do the job when the pot needs to be stirred.  That's what keeps progress moving after all. 

We can never stay set in our ways.  We have to keep our thoughts moving.


Spirituality is the missing ingredient within our Secular Society and we need to get it back again, for the sake of Morality.

It's totally fine that we secularized.  We needed to!

We needed to produce a secular society, in order to prove how essential spirituality is to our existence.  The truth of our spiritual nature is found in denying it's existence.  You can't prove that a truth doesn't exist no matter how hard you try.  It's just not possible.

It's like justice.

Justice is one of those ideas that you can only define in it's absence.  Justice is abstract and injustice the tangible form.

We needed to build a secular society to show that a spiritual authority governs the morality of human existence and when we deny this spiritual authority, the moral fabric of humanity begins to deteriorate.

Spirituality is a truth.  It is one of the authorities that governs behavior.

It's not magical thinking.  It's not a delusion.  It's not insanity.

It's the spark that makes us human.


I guess that's why I think I can provide a unique definition for my own approach to spirituality.

I'm a spiritual person but I still have a higher power. 

I still have a God outside myself, but I don't follow a religious doctrine exclusively.  I do not find God within my Self.  My God outside myself, everywhere.  I found the Holy Spirit within myself, which directed me to Jesus, who showed me the door to the Absolute Truth.

That's been my experience.  I was present.  I went inward and explored and then I went back outward, this time expanding past the present, into the everywhen.

I have read about all types of ancient and new age belief systems and I have drawn my own conclusions from there.

So, I guess my overall point has been to share this. 

You are spiritual by nature.

It is the birth right of being human to know truth and if anything tries to lead you away from this thought, is a thought that does not serve your condition.

It's a lie.


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