The World's Living in a Response to Trauma Holding Pattern

Response to Trauma

The World's Living in a Holding Pattern

That's a working title...but you get the point. 


2020 deserves an Academy Award for being the best year that was ever written on the face of the planet so far.  We know it's eventually going to show up as a movie...somebody's probably already working on it.


That being said, the bar has been set pretty high, but I still have hope that 2021 can top it. 


What do you think?


You have to consider the backstory, the plot, sub plots, the characters, the crisis, the conflicts, the risks, the goals, the plan, the execution, the plot twists, the climax, the success or failure, the denouement....


It’s not going to be a perfect movie, of course, but I’m just saying, size up the years looking for one that comes as close to being equal parts satisfying, terrifying, brilliant, confusing, hilarious, frustrating, lonely, maddening, tragic and perfect.


Yes, it has been a huge disruption to our lives and yes, relationships have been tested and emotions have run high and yes, people have been isolated from loved ones and suffered many losses.  I understand, but we must soldier on....because we are soldiers right now.   In this peculiar situation, we cannot go back to how it was and I’m not sure we want to continue going on as things have been and appear to still be going...


...The world’s living in a Response to Trauma holding pattern (if you haven't noticed) and we need to wake up, face the facts, fight back and start being more proactive about our personal and thus global healing.


Most people are carrying this really negative attitude about 2020 as if they have no idea it was an attack on humanity to implement a One World Order and it’s not over.  We need to wake up and stand up, but some just want to pretend like it’s not happening and it never happened because if you start talking about it they just immediately put their hand up like,




"Up! Bup! Bup!  We're looking to the FUTURE.  We can't allow our minds to go back there to that dark place.  It gives us nightmares and Donald Trump broke the world."


And then you're just standing there with this vacant look on your face and you blink once and think, "are these people going to be living in denial of their trauma responses for the rest of our lives?"





I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can handle living amongst everybody else’s neurosis and unhealed traumas for very much longer.  It’s exhausting.


Unless you’ve been to therapy before or studied psychology, most people have absolutely no idea how they operate.  They have no clue why they do what they do or think what they think.  Sometimes I forget that not everybody was a psychology major, so they haven’t been living their entire lives monitoring the interactions of their ego, id and superego, which is probably why nobody can figure why we aren’t able to undivide!


We’ve got all these people running around sticking up for the small guy by either personally attacking each other, ignoring one another, posting memes that support the opinion of their Collective Group Hive Mind or by venting their frustrations on social media to provide a comment feed to meet up at to high five each other and reinforce the superiority of their Group Mind over other Group Hive Minds.


Separate Collective Hives are incapable of communicating. Nobody will talk about anything that they don’t feel like talking about.  They either attack each other or gossip in private and it’s WEIRD.


It’s like, you can try to be the mature one and figure out a way to share perspective, communicate and compromise and nobody will have anything to do with it!

They’re just like, “BAGH! Be gone with you!  I can’t waste my time trying to communicate with the likes of you!  You’re one of them!  That’s right, THEM, the OTHERS, THOSE PEOPLE...the brainwashed ones.”

And you know it’s just the two of you in the room, but they made eye contact elsewhere and pointed, so you instinctually glance over your left shoulder, then you look over your right and think, “Is this person serious right now?  Did they just insinuate with a straight face that the people who are trying to establish a common ground founded on mutual understanding by communicating effectively are the brainwashed ones?”


You've learned that there’s nothing you can say that won’t start an argument or jeopardize your friendship, so you just have to shrug your shoulders, nod your head and let out a big sigh as you pull out your phone to see if you can one up each other with Bernie Mitten Memes; because it appears that Bernie Mitten Memes are quite literally the only common ground any of us are going to be meeting on, any time soon.