You Are Supernatural
In this guide, I am going to help you develop a stronger connection to your inner guidance system so that you can tap into the supernatural power of your intuition with more confidence and authority.
I'm going to breakdown what the intuition is, why we have it and how you can use it to guide decisions.
My hope is that you will benefit from some practical advice for ways that you can strengthen your connection to your intuition and become more skilled at understanding the message that is coming to you.
Let's get intuit now.
Spelling intended.

Ok. First things First...

So you're a little curious about intuition?  Do you know why? 

Maybe you've always been fairly intuitive.

Maybe you've always thought it was all made up.

Maybe you understand it, but feel like you're not very skilled at using it.

Whatever it is, you're probably reading this as confirmation, validation or education regarding something you already know as truth and you want to be more intuitive.

"Hey, what are all these people talking about over there.  I want in on the secret!" type of thing.

So, let's establish one thing.
There is a reason you've downloaded this and it's important you are honest with yourself about why.
Are you going through a major transition and you are plauged with all the uncertainty?
Are you having a hard time trusting yourself and seeking the approval of others to validate yourself?
Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, there's just something you must not be doing right?
Are you feeling like you don't fit in to your surroundings?
Do you have this nagging sense that you crave something more out of life?
Are you stressing out because of Co-vid and you feel the need to gain some sort of control over your life at this time, even if it's spiritual?
Then, congratulations!
You are officially human.
We all get to a place in life where we are curious about something more.  That's why you are here.  It's not an accident.
Now that you are aware of it, you get to catch a glimpse of what it means to be *super* human just by reading this guide.

Simply Put: Earth is a school for the evolution of souls and I like to playfully call it the University of Life.

It's completely free because the only thing you have to pay is attention to your intuition.

(notice the word play, it's really interesting).

Felicity believes that all people deserve to feel happy and that it's the degree you earn from this school.

You deserve to feel happy and you know it. Deep down inside, you know it.
But, something is in there blocking it from being behind everything you do and that thing blocking your inner peace and happiness is your Ego.

You've heard of it before, right?
Your ego is where inner turmoil exists.
The ego is working overtime to silence your intuition....
Your intuition is...

...your inner voice

...your innate sense of knowing

...your connection to God


You are definitely on the right track in reading this download.
You are not the problem and I'm going to spell it out for you nice and clear.

I'm going to teach you how to win!
Think of it like an old Donald Duck cartoon where he has the devil and the angel on either shoulder.

The Ego is the devil, the Angel is the intuition and YOU are Donald Duck trying to figure which one to listen to....hint: It's not the devil.


So, who is Felicity and why should I be trusting her to teach me about my intuition?   She seems pretty egotistical herself! 

 Okay, fine fine, fair enough.  I can see that.  Felicity has just been studying spirituality, psychology and philosophy for almost 1/2 of her life, if not more.  That's almost 2 decades or like 5 bachelor's, while she's not an expert in anything, she's very well rounded and help you get to the next level.



 Felicity is a Student of All Religions

Felicity's spiritual studies are a bit like the buffet at a fancy hotel on Mother's Day.
She's taken a little bit of this and a little of that, basically sampling everything to see what tastes best.
She doesn't always eat everything on the plate. Some of it ends up kind of gross and, I don't know, I guess sometimes certain foods just aren't worth the calories, if you know what I mean...
This is why you will see that she uses a variety of different words and spiritual ideas, simply to help you make certain connections.
She leaves most of what it up for you to decide, because at this point, all she can offer is what she's figured out thus far.  

She's human too after all!
The fact is, she's been where you are at.  She understands the process and she just wants to be here to a guide. 

Okay, so let's get down to business, after all, this is what you actually are here for.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is a sense of inner knowing that comes without logical reasoning or rationale thought.

You know because you know and yet you don't know why.

It is the way that we are able to use information from our 5 physical senses to translate messages sent through our subconscious and bring them into our conscious mind.

It makes the wordless unknown; KNOWN, basically.  Or, I guess you could say, it takes something intangible abstract and gives it form, or takes something intangible and makes it tangible.

It's a sensory skill that relies on awareness of our physical reaction to stimuli...It's our nervous system interpretting the world for the mind of our body, I guess you could say.


That's Why Someone Who Has a Strong Intuition Has Spot On Body Awareness...and they are very physically sensitive.

These people are sensitive to smells and textures and sounds and light and touch and all the sensual things.  They are very intense and very sensitive...and it's because they are just intimately aware of their body, more so than others and their bodies are more intimately reactive to the world, more so than others.


When you are tuned into your body, you are able to process the responses to stimuli in a way that allows us to immediately come to a conclusion without the time or processing that is required by way of actual "thinking".


It's being able to interpret an emotion from a physical sensation.


It's almost like an instinct, but more intelligible than that.


Intuition requires a conscious mind to respond to it.


Instinct does not.

 What does Felicity think? 

My personal interpretation is that your intuition is the Holy Spirit communicating the word of God to you in real time. I believe it's how you communicate with Him.

But, that's something I'm still learning about, so I can't be sure which is why that's all that I am going to say with certainty about that.


Where does it come from that's NOT based on something "spiritual"?

Alright skeptics, I got you!

Look, just like we have a Language Acquisition Device in the left Hemisphere of our brain our Intuition comes to awareness from the right Hemisphere.

Ever heard of Wernicke and Broca's region?  Yeah well, that's where our brain learns to read and write..and interpret language..but imagine what would happen if we never were taught we could read?  That ability would be there, but we just never developed or used it!

HUH!  Well ain't that something!?


That means if nobody taught us that it was possible to read and write, we might not think it was possible to do. The same goes for intuition. If you are not taught that it's possible to access your intuition and receiving messages from it, then you might never learn how to do it!

Don't limit yourself with closed minded beliefs.

Be Open.


The Left Hemisphere is more logical, so it makes sense that the code for languages are done on that side. Intuition is wordless and abstract, so it makes sense to balance reading and writing with the space between words. I liken the intuition to inferencing, if that helps at all.

Ideas are generated in the imagination, which are sent to our left hemisphere to bring form to and then voila! 

Stuff!  Something out of Nothing!  Like magic!

Remember this:

The right side of the brain is where the work of the imagination is done and ideas become visualized before they are put into form (words and the like).

Does the intuition have to do with "Gut Feelings"?

Gut feelings are the intuition is in pursuit of YOU, to give information to.
Following your heart is when you are in pursuit of INTUITION and want it to give you information.

See the difference?

Now, physiologically, r
esearch has revealed that there is a neural pathway that connects the gut directly to the brain which means when we talk about a "gut feeling" were have never been that far off! 
Science proved it!
The information the right hemisphere receives comes from a neural pathway between the gut and the brain, called the Vagus Nerve. This large nerve runs all the way from your brain stem down to your abdomen.
It's basically the nerve that links the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system.
Sympathetic is "fight or flight".
Parasympathetic is "rest and digest".
These two systems work best when they are in sync.

 So, how do I sync these little puppies up?


Heart Rate Coherence! 

Our breath and our heart rate respond to the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, so if we are experiencing prolonged periods of stress, our bodies start to behave in a way that is in a constant state of arousal.
To illustrate this, think of a young child. Have you ever noticed how toddlers have big full bellies that fully distend while they are breathing? They take big, full breathes. Life is good. They are not stressed.
As we get older, our breathing becomes rapid and more shallow. We basically become chronic hyperventilators from being so stressed out all the time. This is why it's important we actively work to re-establish a strong Vagus Nerve so that our sympathetic and parasympathetic can return to homeostasis more quickly.
By working to sync our heart rate with our breath, we then strengthen our Vagal tone, which in turn, makes is a stronger channel to communicate signals from our gut to our brain. A beefy nerve is going ton send better signals than a weak nerve, you know what I mean?
Breathing Exercises to Re-Program your Nervous System is important!

What about the Heart?

The other core part of the functioning ofthe neural circuit that affects your intuition is your heart, of course!
Just like your gut, your heart actually has a brain. This is a system of 40,000 neurons that connects to the Vagus Nerve and send information up the neural superhighway to the brain.
The information the heart sends comes through it's own magnetic field. It sends signals out and draws signals in, just like the beat of the haert, I suppose.
The heart brain is where we actually process a majority of our human emotion because emotions are vibrational frequencies. The heart senses these frequencies and signals the brain with them, which then signals the rest of the body, including the gut.
Yep, you're heart has a brain. 


Emotional Vibes

Now, we all know our heart is conducted with electricity and also has a magnetic field.  This has been studied.

That's why we talk about vibes, we're talking about VIBES.  Legit stuff!

Emotions are the energy of the universe. They have specific frequencies that they give off through vibrations.
Emotions are Vibrational Particles. Thoughts are Frequency Waves.
I will not to get all particle physics on you right now, but just hold onto that.
Particle Physics.
Emotions are tangible energy.
The experience of an emotion is actually energy that is moving through our bodies.

So, how do I "enhance" my intuition?

You strengthen the physiological systems and raise your emotional vibrations and mental frequencies.
You do breathing exercises.
You clean up your gut health.
You drink lots of water.
You meditate.
You exercise.
If your entire body is like an antenna, you need to take care of the antenna so it's working at the optimum level.

Pay Attention on Purpose!

Start paying closer attention to the sensations of your body...on purpose.
You have to straight up take your thoughts and move them down into a body part to do this.  I think a good way to do this is with the frame of mind of having to describe what a specific body part feels like to someone else...and you can't say, "nothing".
You body is energy, so you will always be able to sense something.  Even more so, when energy is being exchanged, the body will respond before the conscious mind. This might be arms crossing, A tight throat, muscle tension, jaw clenching, heart pounding or any other sensation that is no longer at ease within you.
Notice those things and trust your sudden bursts of thought.
When an idea or feeling comes to mind seemingly out of nowhere, don’t just brush it off.
Notice it, wonder and follow up with whatever you decide you’re supposed to do. The more random, the better.
Act quickly before the rational mind starts to take over.
This is key because the rational mind will quickly reason you out of this inner knowing and you'll move on, missing the important message, whatever it was.
Listen to and Trust Your Self!


You're name is probably not Linda, but you know how to read that headline.

You can't hear quiet thoughts with a loud mind, okay?


The word Silent has the same words as Listen, okay?

So, you need some silence to get in there and listen up.

Your intuition whispers, because the universe is that close...which is why it's so important to silence your mind on a regular basis.
Spending just 3 minutes a day meditating strengthens the connection to your intuition.

What does Felicity do?

Felicity uses om frequency 528 hz and paces her breathing with this.  It quiets your mind because you have to focus on how quickly you exhale, what your sound is, when to inhale, pause and exhale again.  You can't think of anything else because it's a little hard to get this rhythm to become second nature.

Keep doing it until it becomes second nature.

Breathing exercises strengthen your nervous system.

Practicing deep and controlled belly breathing, you realign your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and improve your vagal tone.

Say what?

I know. I don't know. It's scientific. But this is why Om breathing is my jam.

I silence my thoughts and work on my breath at the same time and this is what I recommend for most beginning meditators.

You have to focus on the timing and the tone of each breath, so it's hard to pay attention to anything else.


HOT TIP: Notice the pause between each inhale and exhale. This momentary stillness is where the message come through.

What else should I be doing?

Take note of strange coincidences.
A coincidence that is meaningful is actually called synchronicity. This is when there is not causal relationship, but the two things seem to be related.
They are basically more powerful than coincidences because a coincidence has the essence of, "that was wierd."
But a synchronicity has the essence of, "What are the chances? How was that possible?"
It's more intense and the experience lingers with you as you try to understand what it might really mean for you.
Think of them like breadcrumbs, or clues from the universe that you are meant to pick up and hold on to. They might not seem like anything now, but they could be the missing piece later on in your story.
Just like those insignificant details an author drops as hints in their stories that seem insignificant at the time, but ultimately tie the whole storyline into a beautiful bow when everything wraps up at the end.

It's almost like a call back, like, "Yoo, remember when *that* happened and it sort of stood out but you couldn't place it?  NOW YOU KNOW WHY!  I'm a Creative Writer, baby!"

Something like that, is what an author thinks, I believe.

Moving on....MOVE ON!  MOVE!

I know, I know, I just told you to be still and now I am telling you to move...just do it AFTER you are silent, or sometimes even during.  I personally think I meditate best while I am jogging, but I'm not going to get lost discussing meditation styles in this post.
But, what you are doing by moving is oiling your body to be a better antennae.
When you move your body, you are actually generating mental energy, while using up physical energy. You are straight up taking one form of energy and turning it into another.
When you have more of this positive mental energy going on, it's like static, you start to being a stronger attractor.


You vibrate higher.

You're like a windmill.

Get Balanced!

You can't tap into your intuition if your spiritual alignment is all out of whack!
You have to get into flow with the Universe. When you do, that’s how you get tapped in to the well. All love energy flows through your intuition.
This is key.
It sounds super woo woo, but trust me.
Take this seriously.
When you are off balance you have blocks that are messing with...






the Power to Manifest Your


Unbalanced is...

Stress & Overwhelm

Frustration & Doubt

Anxiety & Illness

Resentment & Blame

Judgement & Anger

Balanced is...

Stress & Overwhelm

Frustration & Doubt

Anxiety & Illness

Resentment & Blame

Judgement & Anger

How do you get balanced?

It's pretty simple.
You just have to start taking better care of yourself.
Body, Spirt & Mind.
That's it.
You suck it up and start taking personal responsibility for your behaviors, feelings & thoughts.

You love on your body with hot date TLC and you fuel it with the best clean and healthy food you can find.


You keep your thoughts in check.

No hating, no doubting allowed.

Get a Morning Ritual, STAT!

Move and use your body, as much as possible.

Stop eating CRAP!

Hang out with happy people.

Don't take life too seriously.

Throw stuff away.

Call yourself out on judgement and negative self talk.

And those are the basics of how you start get yourself ready for an education on your intuition.

It might be all you need, or you might be craving more.

Stay Attuned or get in touch if you want to go deeper in learning about your

Super Natural, Supernatural ways...